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The Responsibility for Society

PermataBank's Commitment to a Better Quality of Life


Through PermataBank's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), PermataHati, PermataBank is committed to contribute in providing a better life quality for Indonesian children. This commitment is embodied in various activities that mostly involve the PermataBankers (the nickname for PermataBank's employees) as volunteers, as well as public through PermataHati online campaigns.

Since its transformation from "PermataBank Peduli" to PermataHati in 2010 followed by the new logo, new slogan and new framework to provide a more powerful foundation for the bank's CSR activities, PermataHati started to focus on Education by channeling its activities in financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

The new PermataHati logo symbolizes PermataBankers' commitment to establish the harmonious relationship with the communities surrounding the bank's operational areas which will in turn create a better future for them. Meanwhile, the slogan "Senyummu untuk Masa Depan" (translated into "Your Smile for the Future") signifies that each donation/aid made will create a smile for Indonesian children with the better future.

Three Pillars of PermataHati

In achieving its goal to provide a better quality of life for the children, PermataHati is supported by three pillars: Human Development, Facility Enhancement and Community Empowerment. Each pillar consists of a number of activities and PermataBankers can choose and participate in those of their desire.

3 Key Pillars


Key Enabler

Strategic Partnership
Shareholder’s Synergy

Corporate Values (IPRICE)

Integrity, Partnership, Responsiveness, Innovation, Caring, Excellence

“We care for and respect our internal & external stakeholders”

Key Driver

Driving financial literacy education to all levels of society powered by Employee Volunterism

Employee Volunteer Program

Human Development
Basic Financial Literacy
Basic Banking Knowledge
Education Modules

Facilities Enhancement
Academic Facilities General

Customized Community Workshop
Aplicative Training Disaster Relief

Flagship Programs

A financial literacy education program to improve the knowledge of elementary school students regarding the basic principles of finance and banking in creative and fun manner. They are prepared to become the "Saving Ambassador' and expected to be able to spread financial literacy education and the awareness of the importance of saving and financial planning in early ages to their communities. 

A financial literacy and entrepreneurship program, targeted for Vocational School students majoring in software engineering. The program aims to increase the basic knowledge of financial literacy and digital entrepreneurship, prepared the participants to be able to create an app that is useful for the communities and improve their business skills along the way.


A program consists of mental development, financial literacy and entrepreneurship module aimed for disabilities. PermataHati collaborates with the Institute for Vocational Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (BBRVPD) under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs to channel the aids in form of sustainable education programs to equip and prepare them in the open labor market.


The first bank's CSR activity in Indonesia that is simultaneously held in 50 cities across Indonesia and engaging at least 1,000 of employee volunteers. 

PermataBankers Involvement

As a CSR program, PermataHati has made a breakthrough by involving the entire PermataBankers in its activities. Both individually and as a team, PermataBankers may choose to get involve in the activities as outlined above, which has been designed carefully based on the survey on what are most needed by the beneficiaries. By participating in PermataHati's program, PermataBankers will be entitled to a point that are represented by "Poin Senyum". Different activities may give different number of points. The total poin senyum will determine the number of scholarship entitled to be donated by each PermataBanker to the eligible children. For every 15 points collected by a PermataBanker in one year, PermataBank will be translated into one scholarship for the underprivileged children in one school academic year.

In 2018 alone, PermataHati has given benefits to approximately 16,000 students, given away 513 scholarships, conducted 147 CSR activities, collecting 7,696 Poin Senyum and involved 2,727 EVO covering 73% or Indonesia regions.


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