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Human Resource Development in Diversity

Each individual has the same opportunity to jump-start a career at PermataBank

Developing PermataBankers

PermataBank has aspiration to become the bank with “Best in Class Human Capital”. In order to realize those aspiration, PermataBank has established four strategic pillars in our employees’ development which are:

  1. Strong leadership in every line and layer of the organization.
  2. The opportunity to develop career and financial in a professional manner for each talent.
  3. Competitive rewards for high performing talents with strong risk awareness.
  4. Creation of a positive work environment where PermataBank’s values are reflected in a work culture that upholds ethical values and customer service, achieving the promised results (performance delivery).

PermataBank always provides equal opportunities for the best talents to achieve goals in career and achieve success in both their personal and professional life, regardless of their background, age, or gender.

By referring to the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) launched, “Learn, Grow and Make a Difference”, PermataBank is committed to providing a place for PermataBankers to continue to learn, grow, and create something unique to provide added value for the company and stakeholders.

The human resources management at PermataBank is based on performance, which ran objectively and in line with the company’s demands and strategies. Everyone has equal opportunities in the recruitment process, competency development, performance evaluation, remuneration, and career, regardless of their ethnicity, religion and race.


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