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Maximum Protection for Employees

We believe that every individual is a valuable asset to be protected

Health, Occupational Safety, and Environmental Commitment of PermataBank

PermataBank has a dedicated full time department to maintain HSE under the Directorate of Technology and Operations (T&O), in which the T&O Director acts as the Chairman of the Country HSE Committee. The HSE Department operates the policy, monitoring, and supervision functions at the strategic level.

PermataBank HSE Objectives

  • Prevent occupational health and safety incidents and accidents.
  • Prevent environmental pollution.
  • Ensure the consumption of natural resources (energy and water consumptions) is effective and optimal.
  • Improve environmental quality.
  • Complying with all prevailing health, safety and environmental regulations.

To increase awareness of PermataBankers regarding health, safety and environmental risks, PermataBank has continuously provides HSE communication through email, announcement board, seminar or routine training.

Moreover, the business of PermataBank is not directly in touch with the environment. However, in PermataBank daily operational activities, there are environmental aspects which has to be anticipated. Such as use of water, energy, and paper. In the management of important environmental impacts, PermataBank has determined the environmental aspects that must be managed along with the indicators and targets. These indicators are periodically evaluated by the HSE Management & Security Department under Corporate Real Estate Service Division, Technology & Operations Directorate (T&O).

In order to create safety workplace, PermataBank has applied Initial Building Assessment process, HSE Design Review on building acquisition phase, and Building Risk Assessment.

PermataBank also conducts OHS internal and external trainings such as first aid training, training and refreshment programs for all PermataBankers in form of e-learning, and fire drill.


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