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PermataBisnis Payment Point

The service that helps merchant receiving payment point transaction

The service for merchants that cooperated with PermataBank to receive payment point transactions such as billing payment and credit top-up.

The Benefits of Using PermataBisnis Payment Point

Complete Features

Billing payment and credit top-up feature, and also transaction report included.

Facilitate Customers

Merchants can facilitate customers to have various bills.

Compelling Discount

Get discounts from some service features in PermataBisnis Payment Point.

Additional Information

Summary Information Product and General Services

Find information about product and general services Permata Bisnis Payment Point.

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Limit and Transaction Fee

See the following things to have a well-run transaction while using PermataBisnis Payment Point.

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Terms and Conditions

Read the Terms and Conditions about PermataBisnis Payment Point service prior usage.

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