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The Important Roles of Digital Technology in the New Normal Era

Jul 11, 2020
4 Menit

The COVID-19 pandemic pushes many countries, including Indonesia, into transition and practicing the new normal. Digital technology is one particular element that has played such an important role during this new normal practice. Here are several important points on how digital technology contributes amidst the new normal, more specifically in the work environment which you will be a part of.

Assist Your Work
Digital technology has long supported and made our work easier, even before the new normal practice is officiated. However, the usage of digital technology has significantly increased since the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) was enforced. Now that we have arrived in the new normal era where people no longer have to work from home, the role of digital technology will continue.

In this modern age, you are obligated to adapt and utilize the development of digital technology to support your work. One of which is a video conference that allows you to discuss with your work colleagues or business partners remotely. Not only helping in the communication aspect, but this innovation also allows you to do presentations with its “share screen” feature.

Other than the video conference technology, collaborative applications like Slack is also great as a communication tool between teams. This application is widely used by big-scale corporations to divide the communication lines of different teams or divisions. Therefore, spare your time to learn and get to know more about digital technology, so you can perform your job optimally.

Increase Productivity
It’s not just about supporting work, digital technology is also effective in increasing productivity. A work that usually takes several days to finish now can be done in a day with the presence of digital technology. If your job can be completed faster, your time, efforts, and ideas can be utilized for other tasks. You can also opt to rest for a few minutes to avoid stress and burnout.

Technology that offers task tracking features, like Trello, can be used to increase the productivity of all the people involved in a certain project. You can monitor the task status, has it been done, on progress, or does it need further reviews. You are also more aware of the problems on hand, which you can evaluate further and find the right solution to it.

Apart from the task tracking technology, applications like Google Keep can be used to make several to-do-lists. Now you can prioritize the tasks that need to be done for the day and make sure that no tasks are left unassigned. Google Keep has a collaborative feature where you can share the to-do-list to the manager or team colleagues, so you can inform them of the tasks that you have completed today.

Always Prepared for New Things
Ever since digital technology was developed, everything has been changing rapidly. Therefore, you are pushed to always adapt to new things, be it directly connected to the usage of digital technology or the effects it brings to the work system. But not to worry, once you are used to utilizing digital technology, you will no longer face difficulties when newer things come.

Support Financial Condition
New normal is also affecting the financial condition of most people. If you have not yet prioritized cashless transactions, now you will have to save your money in an e-wallet to avoid physical interactions. The same goes for bank services, such as opening a new account, transferring money, credit card application, and purchasing investment products, all can be done in just one application.

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