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5 Profitable Side Jobs to Do at Home

Jun 22, 2020
3 Minutes

Are you currently searching for a new side job to do at home? There are many companies or individual employers who are looking for a freelancer to do some long-term projects with no contract needed. Look no further, here are several side jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

If you are bilingual or multilingual, then taking a side job as a translator can be the best choice for you. You can promote your service as a translator through social media. Moreover, you can also look for a freelance translator job vacancy in online job hunting websites or, again, social media.

Make sure that you set an appropriate price range, one that is widely used in Indonesia. This usually depends on the language and the type of document or writing that needs to be translated. Is it an academic document, articles, or other publications, each has its own difficulty. Include a detailed specification regarding your translation service, so your prospective clients can understand it better.

Graphic Designer
For those who have a good graphic design, the skill can take some design related projects as a side job. Upload several of your best artworks to social media and create a compelling portfolio to let more people know that you offer graphic design services. This is also great for your exposure.

Apart from getting additional income, you get to hone and increase your graphic design skill. You can learn more about how to create good quality artwork and be trusted by clients who have hired you. As for the price range, you should base it on the level of difficulty and duration for each design project.

You can take a programmer side job simply by using a computer with good specifications. This is one of the most popular side jobs available, from experienced workers to students. Start by doing small projects as a training ground for you. Then, proceed by taking bigger projects with higher pay when you are ready and more confident with your skill.

Freelance Writer
Another profitable side job that you can do comfortably from home is freelance writing. Most businesses now are aware of the importance of content, so it is no wonder that the need for content writing has grown significantly bigger. From digital marketing purposes, scientific articles, or other types of content become popular, generating more job vacancies for freelance writers.

If you have a writing skill or experience in content writing, you can apply to become a freelance writer. Not just as beneficial as an additional income, but your writing skill can also get better. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to write for different topics or follow various writing briefs.

This last side job is the perfect choice for those who enjoy online shopping. Dropshipper becomes one of the hottest side jobs available because it does not require a large amount of capital, some even require none at all.

You don’t have to worry about stocking the products. You act as a “sales” under the main seller who supplies you with products to sell. Your main tasks are promoting the products, communicating with prospective buyers, and assisting them from ordering to the payment process. A pretty easy side job and very profitable.

If you are interested in taking a side job but are not equipped yet with the necessary skills, you can take several online or offline courses. Not to worry about the fees for each course, PermataKTA is here to help you. Complete with a low-interest rate and easy process, PermataKTA is always the right choice.

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