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8 Steps to Become Social Media Influencers with Thousands of Followers

Apr 26, 2021
4 Minutes

Most people now have their own social media profiles where they can freely share highlights of their lives in words, photos, and videos online. From social media, there’s a new profession called influencers that can generate millions of rupiahs per month in profit. A great way to earn some money and popularity, who wouldn’t want that? Here are 8 steps to becoming influencers with thousands of followers that you can try. 

Find Your Own Brand
If you follow the steps to become an influencer without first finding your own brand, then you will find difficulties in evolving your career as an influencer. A successful influencer doesn’t only rely on physical beauty, but also their inner uniqueness that makes them worth following. 

Find out what your passion is and how you can share it with people. Perhaps it’s your passion in art, love for music, fashion, makeup, technology, gaming, literature, et cetera.

Arrange Your Feeds Accordingly
The social media platform that becomes the nest of influencers is Instagram that has a 3x3 square feeds template. One way to become a successful influencer is to immaculately arrange your Instagram feeds. Which kinds of feeds are deemed aesthetic? Feeds that have good color harmony, orderly arrangement, and good photo composition. 

Several influencers also have mood boards to help them arrange their Instagram feeds. Make sure that your feeds don’t fully consist of your face or body, create a variety of photos that suit your brand. 

Don’t Upload The Same Content
Consistency is the foundation of how to become an influencer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same content needs to be uploaded from time to time. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, as long as it still aligns with your brand. For example, you have a brand that relates to fashion and beauty. Once in a while, upload photos like your home workout or cooking session with pristine OOTD. Therefore, your followers will not be easily bored. 

Turn Your Social Media Profile Into A Business Account
Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter offer business accounts where influencers can make paid ads or promoted content to increase exposure. The facilities that you can enjoy are data engagement, analytics about your followers, and posting schedule recommendations. The price is not that expensive, some are free of charge if you don’t activate the ads on these social media platforms.

Set a Posting Schedule
Whichever social media platform that you use, there are certain times where the engagement level is at its peak. This is the step to become an influencer, setting up the most profitable posting schedule. 

Avoid uploading content at midnight as there’s a possibility that your content will get “drowned” by other content. For an optimal result, you can evaluate your schedule by analyzing the statistics provided from the business account facility, or post your content at noon during lunchtime when many people like to scroll on their social media timeline.

Always Up-To-Date With The Current Trend
Don’t be lazy to find the newest trends, whether it’s in Indonesia or overseas. Not just social media trends, but also the most current social media platform that has been the talk of the town. Take TikTok and Clubhouse as examples, the popular platforms of the year. There’s nothing wrong with following the current trend so you can stay relevant in the public eye. 

Interact With Followers And Other Influencers
The steps to becoming an influencer don’t stray much from networking. When you see a comment from one of your followers, reply to it to increase the level of engagement. You can also ask for advice from your followers via social media posts. 

Moreover, don’t be shy to get in touch with other influencers. From this acquaintanceship, you may be able to collaborate with other influencers to increase the number of followers.

Upload High-Quality Photos And Videos
One of the most important steps to become an influencer that you shouldn’t miss is having a good quality camera. Surely, your feeds will look terrible if the uploaded photos and videos are not in high resolution.

To avoid this rookie mistake, prepare yourself with the newest smartphone that has good camera features, like the iPhone series that become the staple phone for influencers. You also need a laptop, microphone, and lightbox to ensure that your photos and videos are higher in quality. 

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