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4 Things You Need to Start Your YouTuber Career

Dec 04, 2020
4 Minutes

In this current condition, the digital technology consumption is on the rise. It’s because of the fact that most activities are currently done right at home since there are limitations to perform outdoor activities, turning social media into the main source of entertainment and information. One of the most popular social media platforms is YouTube. On this platform, anyone can freely upload their own videos. 

Nowadays, YouTuber has become a dream profession for most youngsters. If you are one of these people who wish to start a career as a YouTuber, prepare these 4 things to help you become successful.

Concept and Branding
Contrary to popular beliefs, being a YouTuber is more than just a hobby. You still need a well-planned concept as well as good marketing strategy that has been tailored to your target audience. 

First, determine the concept that you want to make as your main specialty which will set you apart from other YouTube channels. There are plenty of choices, from comedy, tutorial, music, technology, gaming, to beauty. From here, it will be easier to create the right video style that you must produce and to design the proper branding. 

Next, use other social media platforms to share your channel and your uploaded YouTube videos. One thing to remember is that you must always stay consistent with your early concept. Therefore, your YouTuber career will take off and develop as time goes on.

High Quality Creative Content
A good concept worth nothing if it’s not completed with high quality content. A viral video is more profitable, but this is not a guarantee that a YouTuber will be more successful. Many YouTubers even have to deal with legal problems because their viral content is deemed too controversial.

In order to create high quality content, you need several plans. You can start by finding the right topic that is currently on a trend. Understand the current condition and use that popular moment to turn it into a video topic. Then, make a script so all your actions and dialogues in your video are more refined. 

It’s better to design a storyboard that will help you set the camera angle, cut the scenes, and display the rough draft of the video that you will produce. After uploading the video, make sure to see the comments from viewers. Take all the inputs and critics that they sent to help you produce better content that suits your subscribers’ preferences. 

Capable High-Tech Devices
Talking about video content, viewers will surely be more interested to follow YouTubers who always upload videos with a high-quality visual and audio, especially amidst the fierce competition between YouTubers. Therefore, you need to prepare a camera, lighting, and microphones. 

Even though your smartphone has good camera features, you still need a professional camera to shoot high-resolution video. Complete it with a tripod to make your video more stable and make it easier to travel with your camera. Also, use the right microphone that suits your video type. You can choose from a condenser, clip on, to shotgun microphones. 

Lastly, use the proper lighting for a crisper image. The proper lighting will help you shoot videos in dark locations, but it’s also necessary for video recording in bright places. Lighting ensures that the image captured in your camera does not have any shadows and still in high definition. 

Video Editing Software
Most computers are already equipped with video editing software for free. You can use this software to learn how to edit your videos. Even if you think the visual and audio are good enough, the editing process will determine how appealing and creative your video is.

You can insert sound effects, texts, and other additional components. Moreover, you can also cut some scenes that you deemed irrelevant and combine several scenes into one to make the video more comprehensible. For that, you need a more reliable video editing software.

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