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6 Most Sought After Professions in the Digital Era

Mar 08, 2021
3 Minutes

The digital era is marked by the advancement of the internet that makes everything easily connected. Following the current development, now more and more companies are moving towards digital to stay relevant in the midst of an ever-moving era. That’s why so many new professions that relate to the digital era are arising.

These professions are sought after by companies because they can help these corporations stay on top of the digital era, especially as we’re entering the 4.0 industrial revolution. So, which professions in the digital era are the most sought after by companies? See the list below, perhaps it can be a consideration for you to progress your career in the future!

Graphic Designer
In the digital era, marketing is not only done through words, but also in attractive graphics. The more enticing the graphic is, the more successful a brand’s marketing campaign will be. This is the job for a graphic designer, to design graphics that are attractive enough to market the products or services. Those who are skillful in creative thinking and willing to go out of the box are people who have the potential to produce communicative visuals, in accordance with the message that the brand wants to share.

Digital Marketing
Different platforms, different marketing techniques as well. Companies that sell their products or services on digital platforms must be searching for capable digital marketers. A good digital marketer must have strategic planning and online marketing skills, as well as ability to provide solutions in digital sales crises. 

The job description of a digital marketer also covers the responsibility of managing digital advertising and handling all online sales transactions. A digital marketer is also needed in the process of creating digital promotions made by graphic designers and launched by social media specialists. 

UI/UX Designers
This type of designer is different from the rest. The job involves the appearance of a website and application that a brand has. In brief, the job description of UI/UX Designer is to design user-friendly websites and applications. The more practical and comfortable it is to be used by consumers, the better. That means the UI/UX Designers have done a great job. 

Content Writer
Writing for prints is surely different from writing for digital needs. A writer tasked with digital content is called a content writer. The job of content writers is to write articles containing information needed by consumers. Writing content for websites or applications has its own specific rules. It requires thoroughness, creativity, and knowledge as well as skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

SEO is needed so your writings can be easily found by consumers whenever they’re searching for specific information by typing out certain keywords on search engines like Google. If your writings have properly applied the SEO strategy, then your writings will appear on the first page of the search engine. Contents that have the high number of readers will result in higher website traffic, which in turn will create massive exposure for the brand!

Video Maker
Other than words and images, marketing in the digital era is mostly done through audio-visual media. That’s why a lot of companies are searching for video makers. As a video maker, you are required to handle all the processes of video making, from creating video concepts, planning the video shoots, editing, to uploading the videos on social media platforms. Just like graphic designers, a video maker must be creative and unique in order to fully deliver the message through video for consumers. 

Apps Developer
Online transactions are not only done on websites, but also on applications. Especially now where most consumers have used mobile applications for their daily online transactions, since it’s much easier and more practical. This is the catalyst of the rising profession in the digital era that has quickly become the target of interest for companies, apps developers.

An app developer is someone who makes and tests the application that was specifically designed before being released to the public. The required skills that apps developers must have are coding or programming. The responsibilities of apps developers range from developing applications to making technical handbooks to inform the coding that was used. 

Those are the 6 most sought after professions in the digital era. These professions require more advanced skills, so you need to join training or special education programs to achieve these skills. Don’t worry; PermataKTA can help you master the required skills for you to advance in these digital era professions. 

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