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6 Ways Credit Cards Can Make Online Shopping More Affordable

Oct 12, 2021
3 Minutes

People are getting more interested in online shopping nowadays. With internet connection support, a variety of payment options, an easier payment system, cheaper prices, and flexibility, online shopping has become more preferable. Not to mention that you can shop online more affordably using a credit card, which makes the activity become more exciting. Credit card holders no longer have to be afraid of wasting their money. But how does a credit card help you to shop online at a cheaper price? Check out the following six ways!

Discount and Cashback in Online Shops
If you have a credit card, take your time to shop online. Sometimes some merchants team up with credit card providers to give you a big discount and cashback. You can use the discount and cashback to get a cheaper price. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions first when you are shopping online. There might be some discount or cashback you can use.

Get Redeemable Rewards Points
Besides a discount and cashback, some credit card providers also give redeemable rewards points. This reward point is given to shoppers who shop within the specified price limit. The more expensive you shop or the more often you shop, the more you will get the reward point. You can redeem this reward point with a shopping voucher or discount in certain merchants.

All Expenses Perfectly Recorded
Online shopping using a credit card also helps you to track your expenses and make a budget for the next month. That is because everything will be recorded in your e-statement. This way, your budgeting system won’t be too complicated because everything is recorded in one system. That is why shopping online can also help you to be more responsible for your expenses.

Payment by Installments
Before you buy your desired items, one of the ways to buy them is by saving money until your money is enough to purchase it, especially when it comes to expensive items like new laptops or TVs. Credit cards can make online shopping more efficient by offering an installment payment so that you can purchase your items and pay it by installment. 

Rather than taking too long to save money for something urgent, it is better to use your credit card instead. However, remember that even though you can purchase it by installment, it does not mean you can waste your money on something you do not urgently need.

Paying Bills Become More Accurate
Did you know that you can pay your bills online? You can pay your electricity bill, BPJS, insurance, cable TV, and Netflix subscription directly from home. A credit card is a right solution to pay bills easier and more accurately. You do not have to guess how much or when you should pay your bills since you can pay them directly. This way, you can avoid paying bills late and getting fined because of it.

Choose a Credit Card That Gives Benefits to Your Shopping Hobby
Knowing all the benefits of online shopping for credit card holders, now is the time to start using a credit card to shop online. Choose a credit card that will give you maximum benefits for your shopping hobby like PermataShoppingCard by Permata Bank. PermataShoppingCard offers many benefits, including an easy application process through PermataMobile X. This credit card also teams up with many merchants so you will get many interesting promos. You will also get cashback for every online shopping of at least IDR 3 million with a total cashback of up to 5%. PermataShoppingCard also offers annual fee-free for the main card and five other additional cards in the first year!

So, what are you waiting for? Get PermataShoppingCard now for a cheaper online shopping experience!

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