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6 Reasons Why Young People Love Online Shopping

Oct 12, 2021
3 Minutes

It is undeniable that technological advances have created new shopping habits, which is online shopping. Online shopping culture is growing rapidly, thanks to the unlimited internet connection. Shopping has become a lot easier now, not to mention relatively cheaper, which successfully attracts many young people to shop online more.

Even now, young people are more likely to shop at online sites instead of conventional stores. Besides its price and convenience, there are more reasons that make young people love to shop online. Here are some of them.

Various Interesting Promos
The charm of online shopping websites lies in their many interesting promos, be it discounts, cashback, point reward, and free delivery service fees for certain products.

Moreover, several merchants also team up with credit cards or e-wallet providers to include additional promo. The kind of promo usually can be collected and exchanged later as long as it’s still valid. With these many promos, young people can get the products they want at a much cheaper price.

It Saves Time and Energy
Before online shopping websites existed, we had to go to brick-and-mortar stores to shop. To get there, we had to waste our time in silence inside our car because of the traffic. But when we arrived at the store, sometimes the product we wanted had been sold out. You won’t see this problem when you are shopping online. Because of that, young people can now save their time and energy. They also can see whether or not the product they want is still available. No wonder that more and more young people prefer online shopping these days.

Free Delivery, No Need to Waste Your Gas
As explained above, we used to have to come to a mall or a certain store to buy a product. Today, the existence of online websites has made shopping possible to do from your own home. You don’t have to think about your gas, parking fee, or traffic. Whatever stuff you want to buy, they will be delivered to your doorstep.
Besides, this pandemic situation has forced young people to stay at home. This makes online shopping more attractive and efficient. A few merchants also offer a free delivery service for certain transactions. This way, young people can focus only on the purchased items.

Many Products and Brands Available
In the past, only small brands were available on online shopping websites. But, seeing the high interest in online shopping, today bigger brands already have their official stores on e-commerce websites. The existence of the official store increases buyer trust. Moreover, young people can buy imported items that are not available in Indonesia through online websites. This gives them more product options to choose from, which does wonders for their online shopping experience.

You Can See People’s Review Before Buying Stuff
Another advantage of shopping through online websites is that you can see other people’s reviews before you buy certain stuff. These days, reviews from previous buyers have become the standard of whether the shop is trusted or not. Even the number of reviews given from previous buyers has become a standard before shopping. This is an experience that cannot be found when shopping at offline stores.

There is 0% Installment When Shopping with Credit Card
For credit card users, the promo 0% installment benefits become the additional reason to shop on online websites. Moreover, if you use PermataShoppingCard, there are other benefits besides 0% installments, which is the convenience of registration through the PermataMobile X app without having to come to the Permata Bank office.
Every online shopping with accumulated transactions of IDR 3 million per month will get 5% cashback up to IDR 200,000. The credit card users will also get a discount from any branded online merchants. During the first year, there is also a free annual fee for your main credit card and five additional ones!

For those of you who love online shopping, get a PermataShoppingCard now!

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