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5 Important Steps for Study Abroad Registration

Aug 01, 2021
4 Minutes

It is everyone's dream to be able to continue their education abroad. However, a desire does not guarantee you to immediately be able to study abroad. For your study, whether it’s abroad or at home, it takes a lot of preparation that is not easy. What must you do before you can study in your dream country and university? Check out the following five important steps to register for study abroad.

Dream Career in the Future
Studying abroad is a full-on operation that requires you to do lots of things, not just choosing a university. You should also think about what you want to do after graduating from college. What kind of career do you want to do? Do you want to continue studying again and then work in the country where you study? These questions must be answered before you apply to study abroad.

Concerning your career, you must also establish the choice of the major you want, so that the knowledge you learn in college is in line with the professional field you will take. It's a shame if you have studied abroad but don't know your future plans. Therefore, make sure to rethink the major you want to take and the continuation of your career after finishing college.

List Your Preferred Universities
After establishing your future plans, it's time for you to do research about your chosen university and major. You must know what courses are offered by the university. If your chosen university doesn't have the course that you want, you'll need to find out which university does. Try to have several options so you always have a backup.

In addition to study programs, you can check the ranking of your dream university because university rankings can affect your job prospects after graduation. Not only that, but you also have to know the pedagogical of the university curriculum that you’ll choose, including the duration of the course.

Learn More about the Destination Country
Studying abroad means that you must be ready to live alone away from your family and learn a new culture that is different from your previous life. This is very important so that you can feel at home while studying out there. Don’t forget, you also have to learn the language of the country you are going to so that you will not find it difficult to socialize with people around you, especially if you have to interact often with other lecturers and students from that country.

Apart from learning the language, you also need to know about the climate there. Does the country you are going to have four seasons or two seasons? It is important that you make preparations before leaving the house. Also, find out the average cost of living there, so you don't suddenly run out of funds.

Read Carefully the Requirements for Overseas Students
This is the step that you should not miss. Just like studying at home, studying abroad also has its own requirements. In fact, because you are a student from abroad, the course requirements can be more complicated. These requirements include important documents that you must submit to the campus as well as obtaining a study visa in the country you are going to. Every university has different requirements. Therefore, you must be aware of the requirements requested. Do not get confused especially if you apply to several universities at once.

Calculate the Budget for Studying Abroad
Well, this is the most important step if you want to study abroad. For those of you who will study abroad without a scholarship, then you must first find out how much the tuition fees are in your chosen university. Of course, international standard education will cost a lot of money.

Not to mention the cost of living there, so the funds you have to prepare are certainly not cheap. To pay for the huge tuition fees, several universities offer a program called student loan which is supposed to help students. 

However, if the university you choose does not provide student loans, you can try an unsecured loan facility, PermataKTA from PermataBank. PermataKTA offers cash loans of up to IDR 300 million to support your education plan, with interest starting from 0.88%. Applying for a KTA is also easy and can be done 100% online through the PermataMobile X mobile banking application. Let’s chase your dream to study abroad with PermataKTA!

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