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5 Considerations to Pick Study Abroad vs Study Locally

Aug 01, 2021
4 Minutes

If you're currently in your senior year of high school, then you're probably thinking about college. One of the most common concerns is determining the location. Is it better to study in the country? Or is studying abroad a better option? Therefore, here are some reasons to study abroad that you can consider. Hope this helps you make a choice!

Connections Gained
One of the reasons to go studying abroad is to expand connections. Of course, this can actually be done by studying in the country. However, the difference is that you will meet students from foreign countries with different perspectives, languages, and habits when studying abroad. So, you must be able to adapt quickly. An example of this is adapting to a different way of communication from when you chat with your school friends.

You will also make wider connections with people you wouldn't be able to meet when you choose to go studying abroad. But you have to be careful! You must remain critical in choosing friendships. Make sure you choose friends who bring positive impacts into your life.

Courses and Curriculum
The many choices of majors that have not yet existed in Indonesia are the most common reasons for studying abroad. Especially if you have niche interests, it will be more difficult to find local universities that have the same study program with good accreditation. For example, the Department of Actuarial Science and Shipping Engineering is still rare in Indonesia.

Although the quality of the curriculum of most local universities has been recognized internationally, many people aspire to study in higher-ranking study programs and universities. This particular reason for studying abroad is also a motivation for celebrities such as Maudy Ayunda, Angel Pieters, and Tasya Kamila.

Career Opportunities After Graduation
Many people want greater career opportunities and use it as a reason to study abroad. Even though you weren’t born in that country, your chances of getting accepted to work abroad are wide open, especially if you manage to make connections with professionals there while studying abroad. The experience you receive coupled with the knowledge you learn at foreign universities is also a valuable asset for your future career.

In addition, if you decide to return to your country, your career opportunities will also be wider because the company will clearly look at you as a foreign graduate. Moreover, you must be more fluent in foreign languages such as English which is much needed in the professional world.

Experience Gained
The life experience you gain during college is not only memorable, but also useful. You are required to live more independently, adapt quickly, and be able to work with others. All these skills you can use again when working later.

When you decide to study abroad, the adaptation you need to do is far more than studying at home. Imagine, you are alone without family and friends in a foreign country, life experiences that may be difficult at first, but surely help build yourself to become a more independent person. This is also the reason studying abroad is so in demand, namely the freedom to discover self-identity and seek new experiences.

Financial Readiness
College is expensive. It is not only tuition fees that must be taken into account, but there are also book fees, transportation costs, boarding fees, and other college needs. If you want to study abroad, it costs a lot more money. Speaking of financial readiness, you can look for scholarships to study abroad or locally.

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