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Millennial Banking, An All Practical Financial Trend

Nov 19, 2020
4 Menit

In this modern era, the millennials have created a trend called millennial banking that prioritizes convenience with transactions via smartphones. What are the activities and habits included in this millennial banking trend?

More Than One Savings Account for Every Needs
Do you know that putting all your income in one savings account will actually increase your expenses? That’s why the millennials allocate each expense category into several specific sayings accounts. Millennial banking allows us to plan our finances more easily, like having a deposito dedicated for retirement funds, savings account A for payroll, savings account B for daily needs, and savings account C for investments.

Forgot Your Wallet? No Worries!
The millennials love practical things, including in their transactions. You no longer have to bring a big wallet filled with cards and cash wherever you go because now all transactions can be done via smartphones. Want to buy a coffee? Just scan the QR code. Top-up your e-wallet? Simply do simple clicks on your phone. If you suddenly need to withdraw some cash, you don’t even need to use your debit card anymore. 

Scheduled Bill Payment, Directly from Home
Instead of being stuck in a long queue in front of the ATM at the beginning of every month to pay for your electricity, water, internet, and other bills, the millennials prefer to pay their bills on schedule via their smartphones. Bills for a credit card, TV, internet, school or university, electricity, all can be done in just one application. 

Hang Out with Friends
Most of the times when we hang out with friends, we split bills for food and drinks. Exchanging cash and searching for change money are too complicated nowadays. The millennials prefer the cashless method and real-time transactions, like money transfer to bank accounts or phone numbers.

Manage Online Business Anywhere
Owning a side business is no longer a new practice for millennials. The millennials are aware of the importance of having an additional income. One solution is by owning an online business. For this, they need an application that can help them run business smoothly, such as checking their account mutation anytime they want.

Passionate About Investing
Apart from having an online business, many millennials have also realized the importance of investment. They feel that investment is one of the best ways to protect their money value from various risks, one of which is inflation. There are other investment products to choose from besides the high-risk stocks, some have low risks, like mutual funds, obligations, and SBN online retail. Surely, they like to buy these investment products by themselves, without having to go outside. 

Using PermataMobile X from PermataBank
It’s not only pleasing to look at, PermataMobile X from PermataBank is also a mobile banking application that offers hundreds of features that millennials love. Simply log in with your fingerprint or smile at the camera, we can open a new bank account without having to go to the nearest branch office, send money to any bank account or phone number, purchase investment products, check account mutation up to 12 months, pay by scanning QR code at merchants, top-up your e-wallet, pay bills, recharge mobile data, check credit card bills, apply for credit-card, and even withdraw money with the mobile cash feature. 

For those who are not millennials, don’t worry. Although PermataMobile X can answer every millennial’s banking needs, PermataBank also designed this application seamlessly so it can be easily used by everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Leave your old transaction methods and start using PermataMobile X now!


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