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Freelancers Tips for Applying KPR

Jun 16, 2020
4 Minutes

Owning a dream home is everyone’s life goal, including freelancers. It is not impossible for you who works as a freelancer to finally plan on buying a house. To ensure that you are granted the KPR, here are several tips that you need to do as you prepare the KPR application.

Stabilize Your Financial Condition
Freelancers' income is not fixed, from the payday schedule to the amount of money. Therefore, you need to make sure that your financial condition is stable. Whether you take several long-term projects or start saving and investing to stabilize your financial condition, all must be done according to your needs and abilities. Stable financial condition guarantees that you are able to fully commit to the KPR payment. Most importantly, please consider other additional costs.

Pick the Right Home for Your Budget
The next tip is to pick the right home for your daily needs and, of course, suits the budget that you have as a freelancer. The main objective is to have a safe and comfortable home, one that can cater to your everyday living needs. Other components can be added later in the future. You have to remember that buying a house is not just about land and construction costs. You need to allocate more money to purchase furniture and devices needed for your new home. Hence, calculate and adjust your budget before you start looking for a new home.

Try Installment Simulation
If you already decide on which home to purchase and which bank you go to for KPR, the next step is to find out more about the loan regulation and installment process. Don’t forget to confirm the interest rate. From here, you can do a detailed calculation by doing an installment simulation.

With this installment simulation, you can easily see which KPR installment rate is most suitable to your financial ability. As a result, you can safely apply for KPR as now you are sure with the installment process and know that you can pay off the loan.

Prepare a Huge Down Payment
Several freelancers get a higher pay rate for one project. The bigger the project is, the higher the pay. This income can be allocated to fulfill your daily needs for the next two months. This is an opportunity for you to prepare a bigger down payment, as you have the money now. Huge down payment can greatly decrease the monthly installment for the KPR. 

Moreover, freelancers usually have downtime where there are little to no projects, which can affect your income. With a bigger down payment, you can live a little more comfortably without worrying about the KPR installment.

To help freelancers like you in getting your dream home, you can use KPR products from PermataBank, either the conventional one or Syariah. PermataKPR has a low-interest rate and longer tenor. With PermataKPR, you too can have your dream home.

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