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Interested in Studying Abroad? Let's Take a Look at 4 Countries with the Best Education Systems in the World!

Jun 25, 2023
4 Minutes

Are you one of those who dream of studying abroad? If so, it's now easier than ever to apply for overseas education as there are many destination countries to choose from. But do you know which countries have the best higher education systems?

Before deciding which country to study, here is a list of countries with the best education systems for studying abroad.

4 Countries with the Best Education Systems for Studying Abroad
Studying abroad is an opportunity that should not be taken lightly. If you truly want to study abroad, prepare to study in one of the following countries with the best education systems.

The education system in Finland is renowned for its balance between school and home life. Schools are limited to a maximum of five hours per day in this country. However, every student has a high level of awareness for reading, enabling them to explore their potential.
One challenge you might encounter when studying in Finland is the weather. Therefore, you will need a special budget to prepare thick jackets, scarves, and other winter clothing to adapt to the Finnish climate.

South Korea
South Korea has one of the best education systems, as the government fully manages education. Schools in South Korea prioritize technological advancements, resulting in faster technological development.

To succeed in studying in South Korea, you must learn the Korean language and its culture. This is because only a few South Koreans can speak English. Therefore, you must invest time and money in learning Korean to facilitate communication.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a country that Britain once ruled. Unsurprisingly, the education system implemented in Hong Kong is similar to that of the UK. In Hong Kong, business is a highly regarded field of study. The University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong are among the many popular campuses.

Language is the main challenge when in Hong Kong. Prepare a budget for Mandarin language courses to ensure your activities are supported. If possible, learn Cantonese, as many people in Hong Kong prefer it over Mandarin.

The education system in Japan is considered one of the best, as each lesson incorporates values of politeness and obedience. Every student who wants to enter a university in Japan must take an entrance exam without exception. This provides an opportunity for you to compete with other prospective students.

You don't need to worry about finding food while studying in Japan. Almost all convenience stores offer various types of affordable meals. Limit your food budget to avoid overspending while shopping at convenience stores.

Tips for Managing Finances While Studying Abroad
Being far away from friends and family is a risk when studying abroad. It can be very difficult if you run out of money for daily needs at the end of the month. However, don't worry, here are some tips for managing your finances while studying abroad.

  • Create a budget, starting from accommodation, food, to transportation. Look for accommodation close to campus to reduce transportation costs.
  • Set aside a certain amount of money as an emergency fund. Never use the emergency fund unless there is an urgent situation.
  • Be disciplined in recording every outgoing and incoming fund from your pocket.

Many preparations indeed need to be fulfilled when studying abroad. Admission fees and accommodation are essential because they are basic needs that must be met.

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