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6 Online Competition Ideas to Celebrate Independence Day with Friends and Family

Oct 06, 2021
4 Minutes

Are you looking for online competition ideas to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day at your office? Or are you planning to hold a small competition at home so you can have fun with your family and friends? The celebration of the 76th Indonesia's Independence Day is still burning with enthusiasm with these 6 online competition ideas. With minimal preparation, you will still have maximum excitement!

Trivia Online Quiz
Does anyone remember the history lesson at school? Anyone can participate in this online competition, from the younger ones to the older ones. Besides, it doesn't take much preparation to hold or participate in trivia quizzes.
You only have to prepare the questions and answers that correlate with Independence Day topics, Indonesian history, and unique facts about Indonesian culture. Several online communities in Indonesia also hold online trivia quiz events regularly. You can use sites like Quiziz, Kahoot!, or Quizlet.

Poster Design Competition
If you and your friends like drawing, then you can try this idea. You don’t need to have advanced painting or graphic design skills. The weirder the design you make, the funnier and more laughable it will be.

Decide the theme of the poster beforehand. For example, you can draw about the competition in the residential area, the Independence proclamation, and many more. To add more fun, set the game duration in a short time. Don’t forget to assign judges and create a scoring system so that the competition feels fair for the participants.

Karaoke Contest
Even when you’re just staying at home, you can still have a fun karaoke session with friends and family. During this Independence Day celebration, you can hold a virtual karaoke competition. Invite your family and friends to sing an Independence Day-themed song.

There are several things you need to prepare, which include the song’s title, the scoring system, and the online video calls platform. As long as the voice is clear during the video calls, you don’t need any mic. After choosing the song, you only need to find the instrumental version on YouTube. You can also ask the participant to wear a unique costume for the sake of totality and tell them that it can increase the score. Don’t forget to record this competition as a funny memento.

Creative Selfie Competition
If you want the most simple competition without any preparation, you can do a creative selfie competition. All you need is to announce the theme and direction to the participants. For example, participants must do a selfie in portrait or do a selfie with a red-white flag.

Find a theme that suits your needs. For a funny theme, you can ask the participants to recreate historical moments such as Independence Proclamation, sewing red-white flag, etc. If you want an easy theme, you can go for a red-white color theme, cosplaying as national heroes, flag salute, and many more.

Poetry Writing Competition
During school days, there was usually a poetry reading moment in a flag-raising ceremony. These days, you can also hold poetry writing competitions and ask your friends, family, or colleagues to participate. This idea sure will raise the spirit of nationalism and bring us back to the old school days.

Ask the participants to create poetry with at least 4 verses and decide the theme. After that, invite all participants to read their poetry via video call. Judges can evaluate their writing quality and poetry reading style. As an organizer, make sure that all the poetry submitted is not the result of plagiarism.

Song Continuation Competition
People do have favorite songs. You must remember a lot of song lyrics since you have sung them a lot. So why not do a song continuation competition? It is not complicated at all, just choose one song as the starting point.
Firstly, sing 5-6 words of the song, then the next person has to sing another song that has the same word as the last word in the first song. For example, if you sing “merah putih teruslah berkibar”, the next person should continue singing by mentioning “berkibar” as the first word. They can sing, “Berkibarlah benderaku, lambang suci gagah perwira.”

Now you know what to do to celebrate Independence Day through online activities. These online competition ideas are perfect for celebrating the Independence Day of Indonesia at the office, home, or within a group of friends. However, make sure to keep prioritizing your health by staying at home. You also need to keep track of your finances. No need to go to the bank because you can use the PermataMobile X mobile banking app now. From buying credit, topping up an e-wallet, investing, opening a savings account, taking loans, to sending money, all can be done easily with PermataMobile X. Download it now on App Store or Google Play.


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