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8 Decorative Plants that are Popular as “Investments”

Feb 02, 2021
4 Minutes

For most people, decorative plants are just another common plant. No differences. But for collectors who have trained eyes, decorative plants like bonsai and monstera are deemed prestigious due to their shapes and prices. It’s normal for collectors to spend millions of rupiahs to purchase these decorative plants. Therefore, more people start to eye decorative plants as investments.

Most decorative plants are in the house, shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. That's why they need extra treatment. Not only for collectors, but collecting decorative plants also makes newbies interested to jump into the world of decorative plants, either for entertainment or hobby during work from home, a daily routine for most of us for the past year.

Interested to try it out? If you’re planning to cultivate or add your decorative plant collections at home, let’s see these decorative plant recommendations with fantastic prices!

This plant resembles an elephant’s ear with naturally shaped holes. Its Indonesian name is also unique, “janda bolong” or roughly translated as “perforated widow.” Nonetheless, its price will definitely make your eyes wide open. Monstera’s price is calculated per leaf. One leaf of Monstera can be sold for hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiahs. Its fantastic price is equal to its aesthetic value, though. 

Monstera Variegata
This decorative plant is similar to the first Monstera. The difference lies in its leaf; Monstera Variegata has leaves with half-moon or granite patterns. Depending on its size and pattern, Monstera Variegata is sold for around Rp1 million up to hundreds of million rupiahs. Very expensive, isn’t it? It’s because this decorative plant is unique and rare. Therefore, it’s perfect as an investment if you plan to sell it in the future. 

The beautiful Aglonema, or Aglaonema, has stolen the hearts of green thumbs with its dark pink leaves. Called as “sri rejeki” or “fortune” plant believed to bring wealth and positive energy, Aglonema gains so much popularity in the market. Its price starts from tens of thousands to tens of millions rupiahs, a small price to pay for hardcore decorative plant collectors. 

Pronounced sukulen in Indonesian tongue, this decorative plant is said to resemble the cacti. Its types and shapes vary, just like Zebra Succulent that looks like the aloe vera with stripes that resemble a zebra and Pink Moonstone Succulent that’s shaped like a green, pink, or red star. Succulent is a beautiful looking plant and believed to bring good luck to its owners, making its price skyrocketed up to tens of millions of rupiahs. 

In Indonesia, caladium is well known as taro plant. Its leaves shaped like hearts when seen from afar. There are hundreds of different varieties of caladium, each with its own pattern. There’s one with dark green and a splash of white, or one with green, white, and pink patterns. There’s also one variety of caladium with pink leaves that look like giant hearts. Depending on the variety and density, caladium is sold for tens of thousands to tens of millions of rupiahs. 

Anthurium Veitchii
The name Anthurium Veitchii is very common among decorative plant collectors. Shaped like a heart with a sharp edge that dangles down, it’s hard to resist the attractiveness of this decorative plant. Its wavy and veiny leaves make it more attractive. Even though this plant is plain green, its price can come up to millions of rupiahs!

Half Moon Philodendron Pink Princess
This decorative plant suits its “princess” moniker, thanks to its beautiful appearance. The multicolor combination of its leaves, green and pink, makes the princess look more elegant. Gaining popularity since 2019, it’s no wonder that this decorative plant is now sold for tens of millions of rupiahs. 

Bonsai is a tree or plant that has been deliberately dwarfed by planting it inside a small and shallow planter, so its roots and trunk would grow in circular motion. Several varieties of bonsai that are most popular among decorative plant collectors are Klimeng bonsai and Golden Kikuhan bonsai due to their artistic silhouettes. Bonsai is sold for millions of rupiahs. You must also be prepared to diligently perform an extensive maintenance routine to keep your bonsai healthy and shaped beautifully. 

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