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5 Home Business Opportunities that Housewives Should Try

May 11, 2020
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Lately, running a business is not a very difficult job. In fact, housewives can do it at home. Home-based businesses are expanding along with the awareness of most Indonesian people have on entrepreneurship. Here are 5 home-based business opportunities that can be operated by housewives.

Snack Business
Who does not like to eat snacks in the middle of running errands that are sometimes boring? You can try opening a home-based snack business, either making it by yourself or becoming a reseller. A reseller is a person who resells products from a manufacturer. So, you do not need to bother to make or cook your own snacks.

Being a reseller does not require many things, like a special room to sell. You can market it through social media. All you need is the initial capital to buy products from the manufacturer or first-hand sellers. The most effective trick to get big profits from this business is by analyzing the market trends. By this way, you can understand better on what to sell.

Everyone needs to eat. This is the opportunity you can take. If you have cooking skills, do not hesitate to start a home-based catering business. Determine your target market, whether office workers or neighborhood people in your area. In fact, office workers are the main target of catering businesses. Why so? Catering services make it very easy for them to get lunch without having to look for food vendors outside the workplace.

You can start a home-based business in the catering field with an initial capital of Rp1 million. With this amount of money, you can buy ingredients, cooking utensils, and food containers. You can gain great benefits in a relatively short time if you really have the determination to do it. One thing to remember in running a catering business is the quality of the food. Make sure you use selected ingredients to keep your customers fully satisfied.

The next home business you can do is a laundry service. If you live around a boarding house inhabited by many students or workers, the chances of getting huge profits it will be even greater. All you need to prepare is a washing machine with a dryer. Washing machines with this facility are usually sold at a price range of Rp2 million to Rp3 million. In addition, you need to provide scales, irons and detergents for the washing machine. The total capital you have to prepare is around IDR 5 million.

To gain profits, you need to attract many customers to use your services. One thing that can help is by creating promotions. For example, doing laundry for a few pieces of clothing will reward the customer a certain discount.

Online Shop
By using only an internet connection, you can earn money by becoming a reseller of various online products, ranging from bags, imported cosmetics, clothes, bed linen, and others that are in great demand in Indonesian market. You do not need to produce the goods yourself. Find a supplier who can offer you the best price, so you can sell it again on your preferred e-commerce sites or social media account at a higher price.

Remember, you also have to respond to customer messages fast, package the goods with safe wrappers, and ship the goods on time, so the reputation of your online store is high which attracts more customers.

Flower Shop
Giving flowers as a sign of affection on special days to those closest to us makes the flower business a promising industry that can be done at home. You can start learning flower arrangement online or in an offline course. The equipment is easy to get. You can combine local and imported flowers to make your bouquet more beautiful. Imported flowers are now getting easier to obtain. Imported flower bouquets usually have a higher sale value.

Starting from a hand bouquet, you can develop your product into a larger flower arrangement. You can even collaborate with wedding organizers to decorate various events, such as weddings, proposals, birthdays, and so on.

Learn to Start a Home-Based Business
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