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Interesting Business Ideas for Beginners

Mar 02, 2020
5 Minutes

Lately, it’s easy to find that there are more people who are interested to do business. One of the main reasons these people start doing business is because of its financial prospect. There’s a lot of business growth not only the big one, but those small businesses maintain at home as well. The business industry is indeed diverse in categories; ranging from clothing, food, to the higher-level business such as property.

For young people especially, with their youth spirit to start a new business. It’s not necessary to always start it big by selling high valued products or services. Instead, you can start by doing a small business a lot of people are interested in. Here are some things you need to consider before starting your own business by following trends in the market nowadays.

It is obvious that there are a lot of people who like snacks. This is indeed a good opportunity you need to take. Selling snacks that match people's activities such as chips or cookies. These snacks are usually packed in a light package and have a relatively longer expired date.

You can do drop shipping at the shops that already filled with famous brands. By becoming a drop shipper you don’t necessarily need to provide stocks of snacks. Being a product distributor is a common choice taken by many people. Especially those who are new in the business. All you have to do is market your snacks online; it can be through social media or messenger apps like WhatsApp.

Fashion Business
Millenial’s lifestyle tends to take them into updating their clothes style regularly. This also means the opportunity to create a new business. You can sell products according to their trends. This is a way to guarantee a successful business. You can even consider lowering the prices a bit to get more buyers.

Culinary Business
We know that food is one of the basic human needs. It means people will always spend their money to buy food; either for the ingredients or already cooked. This can be a good opportunity for you who have just started a business. It is okay for you to follow some of our celebrities by opening coffee shops or restaurants.

Note to remember is that no matter what business you are about to do, never hestitate go get started. PermataBank is here to support you with various products for your business capital needs. Click here to find out more about PermataBank SME products.

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