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A dramatically more
powerful mobile banking.

Enhanced smoothness

Future of Banking

No one does mobile banking like PermataMobile X

Beautifully Crafted

Simple and

Jam Resistant

Your Banking Solutions

Various Products for Every Need

Discover various banking product options on PermataStore.


Your Path to Banking Benefits

Any Top-up or Bill Payment transaction with PermataMobile X, instantly get PermataPoin.

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Dark Mode

More Comfortable with Dark Mode

Customize Your Banking Experience with Dark Mode - Switch Seamlessly for Comfort and Style!

Pay with QR


Transaction without any direct contact.

The Convenience of Payment Transaction

Just scan the QR code.

Exciting Promo

Get various benefits for transactions using PermataMobile X, such as special discounts and attractive cashbacks.

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Mobile Cash

Cardless Cash Withdrawal​

Cash withdrawal at PermataBank ATMs and more than 21.000 Indomaret outlets throughout Indonesia with PermataMobile X​.

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Invest Your Money

Convenience and Accessibility

More flexible for you to manage your investment​.

Enhanced Security

Our system is equipped with enhanced security.

Portfolio Diversification

Makes it possible to easily diversify your portfolio.

WhatsApp Gift

Celebrate special moments by sharing through WhatsApp Gift

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Various Expressions to Share​

Revolutionize Your Transactions!

Sharing special moments easily, swiftly and seamlessly via WhatsApp!

Accessible only with PermataMobile X

Use it without any hassle, fast, and easy.

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One App for All Generations

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Additional Information

Limits and Transaction Fees

Learn more about the fees in PermataMobile X for better transactions.

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Terms and Conditions

Learn more about the terms and conditions of PermataMobile X services.

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PermataMobile X

Super App with more than 200 features

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