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Transaction limit and fee

The following is the complete detail of transaction limit and fee at Permatae-Business for your banking purposes

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Transaction Fee

Transaction Type Transaction Fee
LLG IDR 2,500/item*
RTGS IDR 25,000/item*
Domestic Online IDR 7,500/item
Telegraphic  Transfer -
Wire Transfer all (all currencies) IDR 50,000/item 
Commission (if any) 0.125% (min IDR 150,000 - max IDR 2,000,000)
 Full amount (if chosen) Based on the chosen currency
*based on BI regulationsI

Transaction Limit

Transaction Type Transaction Limit
LLG IDR 0 – IDR 1,000,000,000
RTGS IDR 100,000,000 – Unlimited
Domestic Online IDR 50,000,000/item
Telegraphic Transfer Unlimited
*based on BI regulations

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