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Product Information Summary


Permata Bisnis Payment Point is a service intended for Merchants who have collaborated with PermataBank to accept payment point transactions, such as: payment of bills and purchase of top-up vouchers using web/internet banking.

Name of Issuer

PT Bank Permata,Tbk


Information, which includes, among other things:

  1. Balance Information
  2. Account Mutation Information

Transfer funds to PermataBank account Payments, including:

  1. Electricity Bill
  2. Postpaid cell phone
  3. Water
  4. Credit card
  5. Insurance
  6. Internet
  7. Loans/installments

Purchases, including:

  1. Top up mobile phone credit
  2. Purchase internet data package
  3. Top up e-wallet such as: Gopay, OVO, DANA, Shopeepay, etc.

Advantages of Use

  1. Has a complete bill payment feature and features for purchasing top-up vouchers, including transaction reports required by Merchant.
  2. The application does not need to be installed, only by accessing the web https://pbpp.permatabank.com/retail/web/login.
  3. Has reliable security features, and is equipped with security devices to make transactions more secure and comfortable.
  4. There is no required deposit amount, transactions can be made as long as the balance in the account is sufficient and has not exceeded the daily transaction limit.
  5. Call Center 24 Hours every day to assist Merchant complaints if they experience problems implementing transactions.

Benefits for the Merchant

  1. Get competitive discounts from several service features available at Permata Bisnis Payment Point.
  2. Provide added value for Merchant Customers because the presence of Permata Bisnis Payment Point at the business location can make it easier for the Merchant Customer to pay various bills, including the purchase of top-up vouchers.
  3. Get a new alternative channel that is safe and easy to operate in payment point transaction services.

Product Risk

  1. The quality of accessing the Permata Bisnis Payment service is highly dependent on the quality of the internet network used by the Merchant.
  2. Misuse of USER ID, Password and Token by irresponsible parties is the full responsibility of the Merchant.

General Criteria

The Permata Bisnis Payment Point application is only intended for PermataBank customers who have been approved to become merchants, both individuals and institutions.

Requirements and Procedures for Customer Complaints Service

Requirements to become a Merchant:

  1. Have a location/place to run a payment point business
  2. Provide equipment to run a payment point business, namely:
    1. PC/Laptop with specifications that have been determined by PermataBank
    2. Modem and internet connection
    3. Printer
    4. Paper
  3. Fill out the Merchant Application Form and sign the General Terms and Conditions of the Permata Bisnis Payment Point Merchant Cooperation (SKU).
  4. Open a PermataBank savings/giro account in accordance with the applicable procedures at the branch with sufficient funds available to carry out transactions.
  5. Complete the required documents according to the type of registration (individual/institutional) and fulfill the requirements as a merchant.
Copy ID card Copy ID card
Copy SIUP Copy SIUP/ Valid rental certificate
Copy deed of establishment or latest amendments -
Copy Bank statement for the last 3 months Copy Bank statement for the last 3 months
Fill out the MDF (merchant application) and sign the General Merchant Terms and Conditions Fill out the MDF (merchant application) and sign the General Merchant Terms and Conditions
Photo of Business Location Photo of Business Location

Procedures for Customer Complaints Service:

The Merchants can submit complaints to PermataBank through the following:

  1. Orally: Through PermataTel in 1500111
  2. In Writing:   
    1. Come to the PermataBank office network
    2. Visiting the website: www.permatabank.com
    3. E-mail: care@permatabank.co.id

The application process to become a Merchant

  1. The nearest PermataBank branch office.
  2. Marketing Staff for PermataBank Product.


  1. Details of administrative fees for the payment point transaction feature can be seen at www.permatabank.com This administration fee depends on the type of transaction carried out by the Merchant.
  2. The token fee is stated in the Merchant Application Form which will be debited directly from the Merchant's account. The current token fee is IDR 400,000/token.

Additional Information

Permata Bisnis Payment Point can be accessed properly as long as the Merchant meets the minimum hardware and software specifications that have been determined by PermataBank, where the hardware/hardware specifications on the PC/laptop are:

  1. Has a USB slot/port.
  2. LAN/WIFI to access the internet network


  1. Recommended Browser Type
  2. Internet Explorer (IE) Min ver. 11
  3. Mozilla Min ver. 53

For Opera and Chrome browsers can't be used at this time The recommended type of operating system is Win 7 (Windows seven).

Disclaimer (important to read):

  1. The bank may reject your product application if it does not meet the applicable requirements and regulations
  2. You must carefully read this Summary of Product and Service Information before agreeing to the application for the PermataQR and have the right to ask Bank employees for all matters related to this Summary of Information on Products and Services

For further information, please contact PermataTel at 1500111


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