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Work from Anywhere, The Trend of Working that Emerged After The Pandemic

May 24, 2022
4 Minutes

Work from anywhere or WFA has become the norm since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With this system, workers can work from anywhere, be it at the office or at home. Workers are free to choose their comfortable working place. If so, is working from anywhere the same as working from home that has been the working trend lately? What are the benefits and challenges of this work from anywhere system? Here is the review!

What is the Difference Between Working from Anywhere and Work From Home?
Even though they become more common during the pandemic, working from anywhere and working from home are different. If working from home means you are only limited to working at home only, working from anywhere is more flexible. You can work from a cafe, hotel, or vacation spot. As long as you can still connect to your office and finish your job, the location won't be a problem.

Benefits of Working from Anywhere
There are some reasons why working from anywhere is becoming more popular. This is because of the various advantages offered. Here are some of them:

Relatively More Flexible
The trend of working from anywhere makes working more flexible. When the workplace is flexible, workers will love their job more since they can arrange the time and location. They are allowed to work from anywhere, as long as they can finish their job.

When working from anywhere, people usually work from a coffee shop. They can stay at a coffee shop for hours to work—or you might even be one of those people. When at a coffee shop, you will have to order food or drink. Even though you have to spend some money for a coffee, you don’t have to worry as long as you have a PermataME online account.

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Time and Energy Efficiency
The work from anywhere concept can help spend time and energy more efficiently. You won't waste more time commuting to and from work anymore. You can also avoid unpredicted problems such as traffic or bad weather.
You can save more since you won't have to pay for transportation. It's very easy to save nowadays, for example, by opening a PermataME online savings account that you can do online!

Free Time to Hone Your Skills
More free time when working from anywhere can be a perfect opportunity to hone your skills. You can sharpen your current skills or learn new ones. These activities might be hard to do when working at an office. However, with working from anywhere, you can arrange the time better.

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Challenges of Working using the Work from Anywhere System
Aside from the benefits, working from anywhere also has some challenges. What are they? Here are some of the challenges:

Communication Issues
Since the working methods are different, the communication methods have to change as well. When working, you must communicate with people at work or with people related to the job. If we did face-to-face meetings before, we do it remotely via video calls these days. Often, this causes miscommunication due to several disturbances in communication, such as unstable connections or inadequate gadgets.

Causing Feelings of Isolation
Sometimes, you won’t meet a single person while working from anywhere. If it happens for some period, this situation may cause feelings of isolation and loneliness. With no one to talk to or share opinions with, it can make you stressed out easily.

Blurred Work-Life Balance
If you can’t arrange your work time, working from anywhere will make your life disorganized. The time for work will overlap with the time for yourself. This can make you feel tired more quickly, and you won’t have enough time to rest. That’s why you should arrange your time correctly when working from anywhere.

Those are the advantages and disadvantages of working from anywhere. For those of you who are implementing this method, managing your time as best as possible is the key to successful work from anywhere.

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