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Jan 25, 2020
2 Menit

Health often to be connected with someone’s age. They say: the younger the people are, the healthier their body is. But, the fact it isn't. They have the same risk of chronic diseases as the old age. Food is the main reason why young people susceptible to disease. They find it difficult to control their consumption wisely because the food tastes are so good. It also makes more sense if nowadays many young people having diabetes. The situation can be worst because they lack exercise.

Bike to work, a popular campaign in urban society (especially Jakarta), is an exciting activity to go to the office. But, you need to See the safety of bicycles. It must have safe and strong gear considering the road in Jakarta that is full of challenges.

Bicycles with great gear generally have exorbitant prices. Luckily, PermataKTA supports our customers to have optimal health by providing the right bicycle. The process is fast and the interest rates are low, making this program suitable for everyone.

Let's #TunaikanMimpi to enjoy life through PermataKTA! Don't forget to apply at PermataMobile X!

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