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Joox Voucher Top Up via PermataNet Internet Banking

Jan 18, 2023
4 Minutes

Trends in Listening to Music: From Vinyl Records to Streaming
For many people, music is a company throughout your day. Various kinds of music genres have sprung up, continuing to develop over time for both Indonesian and international music. In addition to genre, the changes that occur are also in the way music is distributed and listened to. The way songs are circulated starts from the physical distribution of music, from vinyl, cassette boxes, to CDs. It wasn't until the early 21st century that the music industry began to switch to the digital form. Songs, at that time, could be distributed in the form of MP3.

Driven by the development of the internet, in early 2010, streaming services were established. The songs that you want to listen to no longer need to be downloaded. Listeners can enjoy all kinds of songs from various genres and musicians with just one tap or click. Streaming service listeners don't need to purchase the albums and songs they want to hear. You only need access to the internet and your favorite songs can be played.

Joox Music Streaming App
One of the music streaming apps that can be your favorite is Joox. It is a music streaming service that gives a wide access to various music genres. Joox can be played via cell phones as well as other gadgets, such as tablets or laptops, so you can enjoy your favorite songs anytime and anywhere.

To enjoy music on Joox without ad breaks, you need to subscribe to their premium service. However, when you want to subscribe, you are often constrained by credit card payment methods. Now, you don't have to worry about not having a credit card because you can top up Joox vouchers via PermataNet.

Top up Joox Vouchers via PermataNet
In its latest update, PermataNet internet banking adds a convenience for PermataBank customers with a variety of the latest features, one of which is the Joox voucher top up. Through your browser, all you have to do is access the PermataNet page, log in using your PermataNet user ID and password, then enter the top up menu. There, you will find a top up menu for Joox. Select the nominal you want then follow the next instructions until it's finished.

Not only Joox vouchers, PermataNet also offers other useful features such as Google Play voucher top ups and land and building tax (PBB) payments. Through one internet banking platform, all your banking needs are fulfilled.

What are you waiting for? Want to hear the latest Pop songs from global artists or jamming to the dangdut songs from the 2000s without commercial breaks? Top up Joox vouchers via PermataNet now!

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