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Pay Land and Building Tax on Time through PermataNet

Jan 12, 2023
4 Minutes

In the digital era like today, it is easier for people to make various banking transactions through internet banking apps anytime and anywhere. Same goes to PermataNet from PermataBank. PermataNet is equipped with various features to ease customers to fulfil their needs, including top-up, transfer, and bill payment, such as paying Land and Building Tax.

About Land and Building Tax 
Land and Building Tax is a type of tax that must be paid by Indonesia Citizens who own property, including land and building. This type of tax is paid annually with a certain amount that follows the government's regulation. Citizens who are land and building taxpayers must pay the tax six months after they receive the Notice of Taxes Payable (SPPT) at the latest. If it exceeds the time limit, fines will be applied following the applicable regulation.

Land and Building Tax Payment Feature at PermataNet
In order to avoid fines, do not miss the time limit of the land and building tax payment. Although the land and building tax must be paid once in a year, the process may take quite a long time that might burden you, especially when you are only able to pay it amidst your busy schedule.

Worry no more. Now, you can pay the land and building tax through PermataNet internet banking service. Through this feature, you do not need to pay the land and building tax through an ATM machine or visit a post office and queue for a long time. Everything can be done with a few clicks on your mobile device.

Speedy Process without Delay
The land and building tax payment through PermataNet is very simple. You only need to use one app to make the payment.

Simply open www.permatanet.com through your browser and log in with your PermataNet account. Do not forget to verify the captcha code. Following this, select the payment menu, select Land and Building Tax (PBB) and follow the payment process until complete.

Only in a few minutes, your land and building tax can be paid. When the payment is complete, you will directly receive the official payment receipt recognized by the local government. Say no more to the late payment of tax since the payment process is getting simpler and speedier.

Other Payment Features at PermataNet
Besides the Land and Building Tax payment, PermataNet internet banking feature also provides other payment features. These features include credit card bill, virtual account, mobile phone, postpaid, electricity and water, internet, up to alms payments. Customers can also purchase various products, such as phone credit, Google Play voucher, up to streaming service subscription bills.

What are you waiting for? Use PermataNet to pay your bills now!

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