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The Best Finance Podcasts Recommended for You

Dec 04, 2020
4 Minutes

Finances can now be learned from many sources, not just from books or classes. Furthermore, there’s a new and free source of information that you can access wherever or whenever you want. It’s Podcast! Here are the best finance podcasts that you can try to expand your financial knowledge, free of charge.

The Investor’s Podcast
This podcast is one of the most popular finance podcasts and the most listened to internationally. The Investor’s Podcast is a network that produces 4 different podcast categories. 

There are We Study Billionaires that analyzes smart habits from world billionaires, Millennial Investing covers investment tips for beginners, The Good Life teaches how to make long-term investments for a better future, and Real Estate Investing for those who are interested in starting property investment. 

All four categories are hosted by experienced investors who are also entrepreneurs. They often invite other top investors and business people to share their success stories with listeners. 

BicaraUang Plus
PermataBank presents a podcast series that covers trending financial issues in a carefree and exciting manner, from how to save money, cashless lifestyle, even economy topics like inflation. Every topic is presented with fun and easy-to-understand style, so even beginners can thoroughly enjoy this finance podcast. 

Periodically, PermataBank also invites famous guest stars to discuss the current financial topic, like Rapot, Dion Wiyoko, Bimo and Danu from Malam Kliwon, and many more. You can listen to BicaraUang Plus podcast via Spotify by clicking on this link, free of charge!

Through this podcast, Andhika Diskartes as a financial expert, shares his tips and tricks on numerous financial issues, from money management, debts, investments, to starting a side business. Using a relaxed style of delivery in Indonesian, Diskartes can be an option for you who are confused about the topic of finances. 

You don’t have to worry that this podcast will sound like a class in your school or college. Diskartes presents its discussion as if you are talking with your long time friends. This podcast is short, with only 10-20 minutes duration per episode. 

Hosted by Roy Li, an entrepreneur and CEO of Digipreneur Indonesia, this finance podcast will give you a daily dose of knowledge on entrepreneurship, finances, digital marketing, and self-development. Up until now, there are more than 70 episodes of Digipreneur podcast. Roy Li often invites speakers who have successfully established their own businesses from nothing. 

So, how can it affect your finances? If you wish to open your own business, Digipreneur podcast can be your starter guide. Moreover, you can also learn how to be financially independent, confident in managing your finances, and smartly market your products or services to the masses. 

So Money
So Money is not your average finance podcast. This podcast has won the title of the best finances podcast from Plutus. The topics about financial strategy are brought meticulously by Farnoosh Torabi, a notable financial strategist and best seller writer. Not only does it cover financial solutions, but So Money also digs deeper into the career journeys of many celebrities and world figures. 

Torabi doesn’t use public figures as gossip topics, but more as a real-life proof than anyone, including women, have the abilities to properly manage their finances and reach success. What are the materials that you can get from this podcast? You can choose from the many episodes, like how to use credit cards without falling into debt, tips on facing job losses amidst the COVID-19, how to start property investment, and strategies to build your own business. 

To make it easier for you to manage your finances, you can apply the strategies and tips that you get from these five finance podcasts above with the help from PermataMobile X. One application with countless benefits, you can easily monitor each of your PermataBank accounts. Mobile banking transactions, investment purchases, and bill payment can all be done online without ever needing to leave the house, simply with PermataMobile X.

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