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Business Opportunities for Online Importers

Sep 01, 2019
3 Menit

Import business is a business related to imports, the process of goods brought into a jurisdiction of Indonesian Republic, which includes the land area, water zone, and air zone inside the economic exclusive zone (ZEE) and Indonesian continental base. Just like the trading activity in the country, the trading activity overseas can’t also be separated from the seller in that country itself. In addition to that, you also need to See terms and conditions that are applied in the country.

Even though you have a large amount of capital, you will be run out of money if you don’t have proper business strategies. That being said, even if you have limited amount of capital, you can still obtain maximum revenue as long as you have great execution.

As an online importer, you need to understand how to market your products online. One way is to make use of Indonesian marketplace. International trading activity is known for its long, complicated process. Besides, you also have to deal with laws and regulation from two different countries. However, as long as you keep learning, you will understand the ins and outs of the import business and know how to make the most out of your import business.

To ensure your business runs smoothly, you can propose Invoice Financing from PermataBank, a short-term working capital financing that can help you with shipping, delivering, and completing works, both in domestic and international trade.

Working capital financing before or after shipping or completion, both domestic and international

Invoice Financing

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