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Starting The Export Business of Local Products

Jan 25, 2020
2 Menit

For those who want to expand a business, selling products overseas is worth to consider. It would be profitable and challenging business to attract foreign customers if you have been selling local products. The indonesian local products is rarely and even never seen in other countries. It makes them unique and exceptional in overseas customers' perspectives.

Here are some initial steps to help you starting an the business:

  • Find out your best-selling products to increase sales
  • Create a website in English as an online catalog or shop
  • To build trust, prepare a number of free product samples for serious buyers
  • Prepare important export documents such as the offer sheer documents for importers.

However, the export business is actually costly, and require a business finance as the solution. PermataBank always understands about the matter. We provide Pre-Shipment Financing to you to fulfill various export business needs and arrange the cash flow during the goods delivery and service finishing.

Propose the Pre-Shipment Financing in PermataBank to add more convenience in your export business.

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