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Your First Step to Perform Hajj

Jan 25, 2020
2 Menit

For moslems who have reached maturity, capable materially and physically, hajj is the religious ritual that you have to perform. Indonesia is a country with the largest moslem population in the world. Each year, many people prepare themselves to perform this ritual for years.

As a pilgrim, you are expected to bring necessary goods and medicines that will support your activities there. Besides, make sure to update your religious knowledge, especially regarding the procedures of pilgrimage, by visiting a praying community or having a study session with Islamic scholars.

Once you have 100% certainty to perform hajj, you need to plan your funds. Make a commitment to save some money. PermataTabungan iB Haji Reguler can be a great solution to help you perform hajj. The initial deposit is relatively affordable and you can immediately obtain your hajj quota through SISKOHAT from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Register now to fulfill your dream of performing hajj.

Saving account to support your dream of going Hajj

PermataTabungan iB Haji Reguler

Saving Account to support your journey of going to Mecca

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