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The Special Things about Sharia Savings

Jan 25, 2020
2 Menit

There are still many people who doubt savings operated with the Sharia system because it still had not been developed yet. Even though, Sharia banking from year to year is enhanced. This can be seen from the market share of Sharia banking has successfully exited from five percent traps. These are the benefits of Sharia savings:

As Complete as Conventional Bank

Shariah bank is already modern because all transactions like savings, deposit, business loans, Mortgages, and clearing are done easily.

Sharia Rental Agreement (Ijara)

Unlike conventional banks that do not have this feature, Ijara is the privilege of Sharia banking. Ijara is the will transfer of use right (manfaat) of an asset in a certain period of use with rental fee (ujrah) without the transfer of asset ownership.

Helping People in Need

Sharia Bank takes out 2,5 percent of the annual profits to give for alms. This is not happening in the conventional bank because it has no obligation in giving alms.

100 Percent Halal

Loans given by Sharia bank has the requirements of using the money for halal activities only. Businesses that are financed by Sharia bank is not allowed to have any prohibited activities by Islam.

hose are the special features of Sharia savings. Now, it is your time to plan future savings with Permata Tabungan iB Bebas as Sharia Savings with fascinating cashback, free cash withdrawal, and easiness of transaction on many ATMs around the world.

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