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Do you feel that your career is stuck? This is A Way to Develop Your Career

Feb 23, 2023
4 Minutes

After working for several years, some employees might have unwritten hopes to earn a higher income, higher rank, or better position than what they have now.

Having your career developed can become a source of working motivation and self appreciation for yourself after all efforts you have been making until now.

However, there might be some employees who still do not know how to develop their career. If you are one of them, follow these tips:

Possess A Willingness to Learn
Wherever you are working now, always maximize your time to develop at your workplace. Improving your knowledge and skill and mastering other competences to develop your career further. 

Get Opportunities to Grow
Expand your network by developing good relationships with colleagues both in your working unit or across other units. Maximizing opportunities to involve actively in cross-unit projects is also another effective measure to get to know new people.

Be Brave to Make Changes
Increase your contribution at your workplace. Do not feel afraid of giving voices or suggestions and making revisions to make the working situation or process better. However, make sure to think and research comprehensively before making suggestions or input in front of your managers or colleagues.

Understand The Career Path in Your Current Positions
If you have ever felt stuck, perhaps you focus too much on task completion without giving a certain focus on reflecting on yourself about your career path of your current position. Then, you may ask yourself: where am I going after this? Have I developed my potentiality optimally?

To answer all your doubts, you can discuss with your managers. Find suitable time and raise your concerns straightforward about your career aspiration and concern. Discuss with your managers on working competences and attitudes that must be strengthened and improved to achieve your career aspiration. Your managers can give their extensive insights on options for your career path that you can take to develop yourself.

Those are strategies that you can take to develop your career to avoid it being stuck. The process of developing your career takes time. During the process, ensure that you are spirited and consistent to achieve your career purpose.

PermataBank also provides support for career development of all PermataBankers. Learn, Grow, and Make a Difference is a spirited principle held by PermataBank to support the career of all PermataBankers.

At PermataBank, the spirit of continuous learning (Learn) is supported by various opportunities to improve self-competence, such as training, seminar, employee scholarship, employee rotation, assignment in projects and mentoring. Through these programs, PermataBankers are encouraged to continually grow (Grow) in a holistic way. In other words, by working at PermataBank, PermataBankers will not only develop their career but also their personality as an individual being.

Besides encouraging the process of learning and growing, PermataBank also provides opportunities for PermataBankers to make a difference (Make a Difference). For PermataBankers, working at PermataBank is not merely completing daily tasks but also having opportunities to make a difference - innovating by challenging the status quo, going the extra mile, and making influential changes for the social environment.  Through a supportive culture that promotes innovation with various employee communities and social programs, PermataBank supports each employee to make a difference and the best contribution for their social environment.

It is expected that the spirit of Learn, Grow, and Make a Difference can encourage PermataBankers to achieve their career purpose.

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