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4 Things You Must Prepare Before Working from Home

Mar 31, 2022

In the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic, in order to support the government's appeal to conduct social distancing, many companies have implemented work from home (WFH). Thanks to the increasingly sophisticated technology, this way of working is even easier to do. However, working away from the office requires more commitment and professionalism. 

Although workers do not have to go to the office, workers are also required to provide reports and are required to complete work on time. These following things can be prepared during work from home.

Sufficient Tools and Equipment
Laptops are also one of the main considerations before you start working from home. Use a high-performance laptop so that your work can be done smoothly. Do not forget to ensure the laptop's power when working, especially if you are in an online meeting. You do not want to be interrupted in the middle of a meeting, do you?

Communication Media
Working from home requires additional technology-based communication tools. You can use applications and software to support your work, such as Slack, Zoom, Google Calendar, or Trello. In addition, chat applications such as Whatsapp must also be used for your communication.

Be sure to set an online meeting schedule several times a week so that the work situation remains conducive. You also need to be online during business hours, so that other colleagues can easily contact you. But remember, you also have to pay attention to the security aspects of the application or software that you use while working from home.

Create a Work Schedule
When working outside the office, it is easy to ignore your working duration. Sometimes, work finishes at night, long after work hours are over, just because you are too relaxed. It is very important for you to manage your work schedule and the right routine. If you work outside working hours, communication cannot be established properly because other co-workers are no longer actively working.

Try to start working at the same time that office hours usually begin. To be more productive, create an appropriate working mood by dressing yourself in work-appropriate yet relaxed ensembles. Use work hours as productive time and take a few minutes to rest.

Enough Rest
As mentioned earlier, rest is a must during WFH. It is easy to ignore your time off, especially when you are very focused on working. You can experience burnout if you work continuously without stopping. Set a time for lunch break and take a few minutes after each job to calm the mind.

After preparing the things above, you are ready to do work from home. Do not forget to prepare a number of tools and equipment to support your WFH. Buying a laptop, paying internet bills, software licenses, or other supporting things working from home can be easily done online and #stayathome with PermataKartuKredit, PermataVirtual Account, or even QR Pay PermataMobile X.

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