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Endorsement for Infrastructure Development in Indonesia

Jun 22, 2020
3 Minutes

The advancement of infrastructure development in Indonesia is marked by the high amount of ongoing construction and revitalization, especially in the transportation and public space sectors. This development proves to be beneficial for Indonesia’s economic growth.

Since 2018, transportation and communication consumption rates have been increasing. The impact is not only felt in the country’s economic state, but these infrastructure development projects have also greatly affected the state-owned infrastructure companies. This condition results in vendors/suppliers/sub-contractors from these infrastructure companies needing additional funds to raise their business potential. One of the few things that can be done is using discounting products.

As a solution to this condition, PermataBank offers CBN (Credit Bills Negotiated) Special Program to infrastructure companies that have been actively issuing Domestic Letters of Credit (SKBDN) at PermataBank. This program offers extra benefits such as cash management and special pricing services, creating an easy payment solution for customers who seek a more practical transaction and project development.

This financing service for customers is operated without credit facilities, as long as the required conditions can be met. This process helps to improve the Customer’s cash flow, which fulfills the requirements necessary for SKBDN issuance. The infrastructure companies that take this one of a kind program will ultimately accelerate the development process of infrastructure projects in Indonesia.

Post submission financing for exporter or seller on transactions with LC, SKBDN or Documentary Collection

Credit Bills Negotiation

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