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Improving Electricity Distribution Throughout the Country

Jun 22, 2020
3 Minutes

PT PLN (Persero), or Indonesia State Electricity Corporation, is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) which plays a crucial part in distributing electricity throughout this country. As a big corporation, PT PLN (Persero) needs a guarantee in proceeding several projects when working with their partners. This guarantee can be covered by Garansi Bank (Bank Guarantee) product. Good news, PermataBank has been chosen to become one of the 12 (twelve) bank participants in “Selection of Guarantee Issuance Bank at PT PLN (Persero).” Therefore, PermataBank is currently able to issue a Bank Guarantee to support all projects related to PT PLN (LLC) within its working area.

Moreover, the Permata-Business system which has been integrated with the Online Guarantee System of PT PLN also supports the issuance of PT PLN (Persero) Bank Guarantee. This integrated system allows each issuance process of Bank Guarantee to be more secured and directly controlled by PT PLN (Persero).

With this partnership, PermataBank aspires to continue giving the best service for its customers, as well as providing significant contribution in a form of collaboration with PT PLN (Persero). Being involved in the mission of distributing electricity throughout the country is a golden opportunity for PermataBank to show its utmost commitment and dedication to the highest quality of banking services. Bank Guarantee from PermataBank is the initial step of said commitment, whereas PermataBank will continuously show its dedication to serving all your banking needs.

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