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Smart Ways to Spend Your Holiday Allowance

Jun 09, 2020
3 Menit

In the run-up to the holiday, workers usually get a holiday allowance to celebrate this victory day with their families. However, what happens after receiving the allowance is the money just gone. This is because of the uncontrolled use of allowance funds.

Don't regret it later on. Here are some smart ways that can be emulated to save or manage your holiday allowance so that it can be used more effectively.

Set aside for Holidays
Set aside a sufficient portion of funds if you want to use this allowance to buy holiday needs. Also, make sure when making this holiday budget, you don't mix it with a personal or family monthly budget. Calculate what details need to be purchased. If there are sufficient funds, it doesn't hurt to set aside a portion of your allowance for yourself. By calculating the details, you will become more aware of your expenses and not spend them impulsively.

Saved as Emergency Fund
JIf it turns out you have allocated a special fund to celebrate the Eid this time and do not need additional funds from the amount of the Eid Lebaran received, then do not hesitate to save these funds as an emergency fund for urgent needs both for the short term during holidays and long term for your future.

By making the holiday allowance you receive as an emergency fund, this money can later save you in critical, unforeseen conditions. Securing your situation financially is very important for the financial health of you and your family.

Make an Investment
Same as above, if you really have made your own budget for all holiday needs, there is no problem in diverting holiday allowance funds for financial management that is far more important and profitable. If it turns out you also have enough emergency funds, an investment can be a good choice.

You can use the holiday allowance fund you receive to invest. Not only using it for something useful but also can provide more financial benefits in the future. Simply choose the type of investment that you best understand with your own risk profile.

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