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Ways to Shop Smarter for a Better Finance This Year – a Tips by Shopalogic

Jan 25, 2020
3 Menit

When your spending seems to be out of control, that means you need a better financial plan. Shopalogic has listed a number of ways to help you shop smarter. This way, you still can go on shopping without hurting your finance too much.

Reorganize your wardrobe

You might not realize this, but your wardrobe is a hidden money chamber. If you have old clothes that are still in good condition, you can sell them so that you will have additional income.

Be your own chef

These days there are so many easy home-cooking recipes to try. So, instead of buying take-outs or getting a delivery every night, why don’t you try cooking on your own? But first, try to set a budget for this so that it won’t hurt your finance.

Set a special budget for shopping

Shopping is all fun until you realized how much money you just spent on things you don’t actually need. To prevent this, try allocating a special budget for your monthly shopping. Commit to yourself to really stick to the budget.

Know where you can get discounts, cashbacks, and other special offers

Before shopping, look for any discounts on merchants or special offers from particular banks. You can get this information from social media. However, don’t just buy something just because there’s a special offer. Remember to stick to the allocated budget.

Use your credit card wisely

A credit card does not only add more convenience in shopping, but it will also help you to save money, especially if you use PermataShoppingCard. This credit card offers various benefits such as cashback, discounts, and light installments in certain merchants or outlets. So all you have to do is shop wisely. Let’s be a real Shopalogic!

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