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Festive Shopping, the 6th PermataHeroCard Special Celebration

Jan 25, 2020
3 Menit

When you manage to find products at a lower price, that’s something to be celebrated of. Just like PermataHeroCard celebrating its 6th anniversary. We want to spread happiness by giving out special offers below:

Four days full of discounts

Fulfill your kitchen needs by using a 20% discount, available from Monday to Thursday at Giant and Hero. In one week, you can get many fresh products using that discount offer.

Save 3.5% more

Who says you can save more after you shop? You can, as long as you use PermataHeroCard at Giant, Hero, and Guardian. Get your 35$ cashback and use the remaining budget for your savings or investment.

Gain 5% profit

In addition to the 20% discount for fresh products, now you can also get private products from Giant, Hero, and Guardian with 5% more savings. It surely is more profitable.

Different places, similar benefits

By using PermataHeroCard, you can save more shopping outside Hero Group because there’s 1.5% cashback available. So, no need to worry if you want to go shopping at your favorite supermarket.

Extra Savings, Simple Way

There’s a simple way to save more money while shopping, which is by obtaining SimplePay 0% available for 24 months using PermataHeroCard. Now you can buy furniture, bicycle, and electronic products with more convenience.

These benefits will add more convenience to your life and help you spend less. Now get your PermataHeroCard and enjoy all of its benefits!


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