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Easier Business, Happier Life

Jan 25, 2020
3 Menit

The rapid development of technology comes with various challenges. It changes consumers’ habits and cultures in interacting with companies. For this reason, the company leaders are now forced to break tradition by taking on new roles that were previously unthinkable to bring the business forward. For example, a CMO who was previously focused on marketing matters now must be responsible for shaping the experience of consumers from upstream to downstream. Or the CFO, which was originally only responsible for financial process issues, must now enter a more strategic area, even to technological matters.

This additional responsibility is one thing that might interfere with the creation of harmony between work and personal life. Those who are happy in their personal affairs will become better workers or bosses in the office – and vice versa.

For this reason, a solution is needed to eliminate all complexity in business processes to realize work-life balance.By promoting the #BusinessMadeSimple slogan, PermataWholesale will facilitate all business matters. The banking products also serve as integrated online-based services that are specifically designed to meet the transactions need of Cash Management, Trade, and Supply Chain. PermataWholesale Banking comes as the best solution.

PermataWholesale Banking through Permata e-Business provides online-based integrated service solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of Cash Management, Trade, and Supply Chain transactions. It will simplify business life, so you only need to focus on more meaningful things, which include your family.

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