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The Key Factors to Become Successful Distributor

Jan 25, 2020
3 Minutes

As the intermediary between producers and retailers, distributors are required to be able to fulfill orders on time. Although there are many retailers have chosen to place an order directly to the producers, your role as a wholesale distributor is still significant.

When customer demand is increasing and your clients need to deliver products faster than you usually do, the easiest way to do this is to speed up your entire distribution process. You might not be able to eliminate manual work in your wholesale business, but you can limit it. Besides, you need to know the financial condition of your business every day so that you can easily decide when you should invest and when you need to re-order with your supplier.

You need to be careful when giving credit policies to your clients. The most common mistake made by wholesale distributors is to provide a credit period that is too long for their clients. Your cash flow can be hampered if this is done too often. You can avoid it by giving the appropriate credit limit to your client at the beginning of the transaction. The limit can be increased later based on their payment history to you.

As a distributor, you need funds for various business needs. The Financing Distributor from Permata Bank will help you to fulfil needs. You don’t need to be worry because the submission process is easy. Besides, the installment is affordable. Apply now to make your business more efficient.

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