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6 Tips for Efficient Online Shopping at the End of the Month

Jun 20, 2022
3 Minutes

During this pandemic condition, shopping online without setting foot out of the house is much safer and more comfortable. However, did you know that the convenience of shopping online can make you tend to buy more? Unconsciously, the monthly budget has almost run out though it hasn't at the end of the month yet. Therefore, to be budget-friendly without risking your safety, let's follow these six thrifty online shopping tips!

Browse Products on Incognito Tab
This thrifty online shopping tip is still unknown to many people. Whether shopping on e-commerce sites or ordering airline tickets online, the prices listed on your computer screen will vary depending on several things. This is called dynamic pricing, where your search history on search engines and your location will determine the price of the product. Therefore, to get the best price, use the incognito tab in your browser to shop online cheaply.

Leave Product in Shopping Cart
The temptation to buy things that we don't need always appears during online shopping. Well, it's a good idea to add the item to your cart without checking out. Leave the item for a few days. By then, if you no longer want to buy it, you can save even more.

But more than that, it's more likely that online shopping sites will try to get you to buy the items in your cart by sending an email with an additional voucher code. You can apply this thrifty online shopping trick to get extra discounts and notifications when the item is on a promo.

Join the Newsletter
Do not immediately rush to click "no" when online shopping sites offer you to join their newsletter. If you're afraid of spam, just set up a new email specifically for online shopping. This economical way of online shopping will also provide a safer online shopping experience without worrying about the risk of data breaches.

What are the benefits of joining the newsletter? You are the first to receive information about the current promo or discount. Frequently, online shopping sites also give voucher codes or special rewards for their newsletter subscribers.

Buy Products in Bulk
For products you often use daily, such as household needs, toiletries, and groceries, it will be much more economical to buy them in bulk, especially if the product is at a discount.

However, these frugal online shopping tips also apply to other products. Invite your friends to join in buying the same product, then add it to your shopping cart. That way, you can jointly shop online at a lower price.

Find the Best Time to Shop Online
For those who are used to shopping online, you must know that Indonesian e-commerce sites will have big promotions on beautiful dates, such as 11.11 and 12.12. Take advantage of times like this to shop online sparingly.
Not only e-commerce sites, online transactions such as paying bills or top-up e-wallets also have attractive cashback promos on certain days. Schedule your online transactions based on attractive offers that are currently in effect. For example, pay your electricity bill with cashback on Tuesday, then top up your e-wallet with a shopping voucher reward on Monday. In addition, according to several surveys, Tuesday is the best day to buy plane tickets.

Always Take Advantage of Abundant Cashback
Various online shopping sites offer cashback promos with multiple terms and conditions. Take advantage of this opportunity to get a cheap online shopping opportunity. However, this cashback is not always available, sometimes even in a limited quota. Don’t worry; you can use PermataShoppingCard to shop cheaply online without a hitch.

This credit card from PermataBank is specifically for online shopping in all e-commerce, online travel, and e-wallet platforms. PermataShoppingCard provides 5% cashback for each of your online transactions. Besides shopping online efficiently, you can also use the PermataShoppingCard to pay in installments for online shopping with 0% interest for up to 12 months. No need to be afraid that online shopping hobby will make you broke! Apply now via the PermataMobile X mobile banking application and shop online to save money until you are satisfied.

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