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How to Choose the Right Credit Card

Dec 23, 2020
5 Minutes

In the modern era, you can pay everything easily without using any cash or otherwise known as cashless payment. One of the most popular cashless payment methods is by using credit cards. A credit card is a payment method used to make financial transactions for which the bank will pay firsthand. You can pay your transactions with the bank’s money, then you’ll have to pay it back to the bank before the due date. Many people use credit cards because of its convenience and attractive offers, as  compared to using regular cash. However, many people rely on credit cards too much that they end up with piles of debts. Therefore, it’s very necessary to use your credit cards wisely so this mistake will never happen to you. Moreover, you have to choose the right credit card that will suit your needs before applying for one.

Tips to Choose the Right Credit Card
You must choose the right credit card before applying for one so that you will get maximum benefits from your card. Below are several tips you can follow to choose the right credit card.

  1. Choose A Credit Card That Will Suit Your Needs
    There are various types of credit cards issued by the bank and each card offers various benefits as well. You can choose a credit card that will suit your needs, based on the benefits it offers. If you enjoy online shopping or grocery shopping at supermarkets, you can use a credit card that offers cashbacks and interesting promos such as PermataShoppingCard and PermataHeroCard. Meanwhile, if you love traveling, you can choose a credit card that allows you to gain rewards points every time you purchase plane tickets or book a hotel reservation, like the AirAsia Platinum Credit Card. By using the right credit card, you will gain so many benefits from its various offers.
  2. Consider the Costs to Pay
    Before choosing the right credit card, you have to consider the costs that the credit card charges you, including interest charge, administration fee, annual fee, etc.
  3. Consider the Offered Promos
    One thing you must also consider when choosing a credit card is the discount and installment program that it offers. You can choose a credit card that gives many discounts if you love shopping. You can check what merchants are available for the credit card that you wish to apply.

Types of PermataKartuKredit Credit Cards
As previously explained, you must choose the right type of credit card that will suit your needs when applying for one. PermataBank offers various types of credit cards you can choose based on what you need. Each credit card type has interesting offers as well that you can check out below. The credit card application process is really quick and easy, where you can use PermataMobile X to apply for the credit card online, anytime and anywhere.

  1. PermataShoppingCard Credit Card
    It gives you cashbacks and other benefits to help you save more money every time you shop online. The benefits of PermataShoppingCard Credit Card are:
    1. a.    Get cashbacks for every transaction,including 5% cashback for online shopping up to maximum Rp200,000 simply by making retail transactions (online and offline) of minimum Rp3,000,000 every month.
    2. b.    Enjoy 0% SimplePay installment up to 12 months for online transactions.
    3. c.    Get discounts for every transaction at renowned online merchants.
  2. AirAsia Platinum Credit Card
    It provides convenience for your traveling needs by giving 1 BIG Points for every purchase transaction of Rp10,000. Here are the benefits of AirAsia Platinum Credit Card:
    1. a.    Free BIG Membership Platinum Status for 1 year.
    2. b.    Enjoy 3,000 welcome points with a shopping accumulation of Rp2,000,000 within the first 90 days since the issuance of the card.
    3. c.    Priority Check-In, Boarding and Xpress Baggage.
    4. d.    Earn 7x BIG Points for every flight transaction of minimum Rp10,000 on the AirAsia website and mobile app.
  3. PermataHeroCard Credit Card
    If you love shopping, then this is the perfect credit card for you. The more you shop, the more cashbacks you will get for free at Giant, Hero, and Guardian. The benefits of PermataHeroCard Credit Card are:
    1. a.    Get 3.5% cashbacks for transactions at Hero, Giant, and Guardian as well as 1.5% cashbacks for transactions anywhere if your accumulated transaction reaches a minimum of Rp1,000,000 in a month.
    2. b.    Get 20% discounts for purchasing fresh products every Monday to Thursday, as well as 5% for the products with Hero, Giant, and Guardian private labels every day.
    3. c.    Enjoy 0% SimplePay installments for electronic goods up to 24 months or 0% for any transactions with a minimum purchase of Rp500,000 for 3 months.
  4. PermataBlackWorld Mastercard 
    This exclusive and extraordinary credit card is especially given to you and your family. The benefits of PermataBlackWorld Mastercard are:
    1. a.    You can make transactions abroad and enjoy the benefits by applying competitive exchange rates for foreign currencies.
    2. b.    You can change transactions into 0% installments easier at various renowned boutiques up to 24 months and transactions in foreign currencies up to 6 months.
    3. c.    You can redeem the reward points from your every transaction into mileage from the selected airlines.
    4. d.    Free annual fee for the primary card and additional card especially for the PermataBank Priority customers.
    5. e.    Enjoy the executive airport lounges’ facilities at various airports in Indonesia’s big cities.

In addition, all types of PermataKartuKredit credit cards also give interesting facilities you can enjoy as follows:

  1.  Free annual fee for the first one year, for the primary card and 5 additional cards.
  2. Get discounts for every transaction at various renowned online merchants and get interesting promos, from discounts to installments.
  3. Simply by using PermataMobile X, you can check your card’s bill or limit, change your transactions into SimplePay installments, submit cash applications, sign up for additional cards, and pay your monthly bills with Permata Bills to Pay.
  4. Apply for a credit card easily with PermataMobile X.

How to Use Credit Cards Wisely

First-time credit card holders must be strongly committed to using the credit card wisely. Here are some tips to help you use your credit card carefully and wisely.

  1. No Need to Use Multiple Credit Cards
    It is fine if you have more than just one credit card as each has its own benefits. But, you have to consider the costs that you need to pay. Those costs include interest charge, annual fee, billing statement charge, and more. If you want to have more than one credit card, find a credit card that will suit your needs and offer many benefits. You can use PermataKartuKredit as each card has a lot of benefits.
  2. Pay The Bill Before The Due Date
    One thing that you have to avoid to make sure that your credit card bill won’t get too overwhelming is by paying it on time. You have to take it seriously because, if you pay it past the due date, you will be charged with a late payment fee. So, if you have already received your salary, pay your credit card bill immediately to avoid the late payment fee.
  3. Do Not Go Over Your Credit Card Limit
    Each credit card has a limit based on the credit card type that you have applied for. When making a transaction, make sure you don’t go over the limit. You will have to pay the over-the-limit fee if you go over your credit card limit.

Regardless of various types of credit cards offering many attractive benefits, you still have to use your card wisely and smartly before choosing the promos being offered. Would you like to apply for a credit card? Would you like to do it the easy way? If so, you can apply for a credit card from PermataBank thanks to its very easy credit card application process and you can do it by accessing PermataMobile X. Many types of PermataBank credit cards also have interesting offers that suit your needs. There are terms and conditions you have to comply with when applying for a PermataBank credit card. Click here to find out more about the terms and conditions, also for further information about PermataBank credit cards.


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