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6 Mobile Legends Tips to Get Winning Streak and Become MVP

Sep 06, 2021
4 Minutes

How to get better at playing Mobile Legends? You want to be the MVP? Yes, anyone can be an MVP in Mobile Legends! As long as you know how to play Mobile Legends with a smart strategy. Here are some tips to play Mobile Legends that will be an ultimate guide for novice players!

Master 2 Heroes
The first strategy to play Mobile Legends is to choose and master the Hero of your preference. In this game, a team must have 4 roles, namely Tanker, Assassin, Marksman, and Mage. In order to become MVP, you need to master your one favorite Hero and 1 Hero Tanker.

This is because many Mobile Legends players have mastered Hero Marksman, especially at the Grand Master tier and below. So, when your team doesn't have a Tanker role, which is very crucial for the team’s victory, you can always fill that role. Make sure that you learn the skills, combos, spells, passive skills, build items, and emblems.

Upgrade Emblems and Select Items
After selecting the Hero and its role, it's time to choose a suitable emblem. For example, if the role you choose is Tanker, then choose the Tank emblem. Also, don't forget to upgrade the emblem of your choice so that the Hero can become stronger. You can upgrade emblems by collecting shards from Battle Points (BP).

You can actually buy this BP via in-game transaction with Diamond. You can also get BP after winning the battle. In addition to emblems, you need to choose the right item for the Hero and its role. This item consists of several categories according to the role, such as Mage and Tanker.

For example, if the chosen hero is good at physical attacks, use items that can increase ATK stats. You can buy this item with gold that you get every time you defeat minions and jungle creeps, destroy turrets, and take objectives.

Don’t Get Reckless
The number one strategy of Mobile Legends that is often overlooked by novice players is to be careful and stay alert. Mobile Legends is a 5v5 multiplayer online game. In order to win, you cannot move alone without the help of your team. So, don't play reckless! Even if you see a dying enemy, try not to attack it without the support of your team members, so you don't get hit by the turret or get ambushed by the enemies.

Surely you don't want to be a feeder, right? Then, as much as possible, avoid the bushes because many enemies are camping there. Make sure your Hero's HP is always above 75%. Most importantly, never go forward alone without communicating to your team!

Go Forward and Take Action by Referring to the Mini Map
It's okay to focus on attacking enemies or enemy turrets, but try to always pay attention to the mini map on the upper left corner. This mini map is very useful for you to see the enemy's position and also the condition of your team's turret.

If your turret is attacked by an enemy, there will be a ping on the mini map to notify you and your team. That way, you can directly attack the enemy and guard the turret. If you are focused on attacking, looking at the mini map will make it easier for you to avoid sneak attacks. In essence, set a good strategy by referring to the mini map.

Focus on Attacking the Turret
Many novice players have the wrong assumption here. In order to win the battle, what you must always remember is to focus on attacking the turret, not killing enemy heroes. This is because in order to win the battle, your team must destroy the turret. Of course, it's more time and energy efficient if you can destroy the turret before all enemy heroes die.

To be able to destroy the turret, there are several tricks that you can follow. First, attack the enemy Hero who is guarding the turret so that you can destroy the turret more freely. Then, you should attack the turret together with other team members so that someone can guard your Hero. If possible, ask other team members to distract enemy heroes while you attack the turret.

Be Cooperative with Your Team Members
Whether you’re playing with friends or strangers, you should always respect your teammates and other players. Even if you are annoyed with the way they are playing, don't mock or insult them. Hurting their feelings will make the players get annoyed and start to be AFK. Remember, Mobile Legends is a 5v5 game. If there is one player who is AFK, then the strength of your team will weaken.

Those are some ways to play Mobile Legends that you can do to become MVP. Want to buy Diamonds to buy new Hero emblems and skins? Use the game voucher top up feature only at PermataNet!


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