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6 Home Concept Ideas According to Your Personality

Feb 02, 2021
4 Minutes

Most of the time when we buy a new home, especially in the residential area, the home interior doesn’t exactly match your idea of a dream home. A home can reflect its owner’s identity. Therefore, you shouldn’t carelessly pick your home furniture; all must be adjusted to your chosen home concept to create a well-designed home. Feel lost about how to differentiate each home concept? Let’s see this brief explanation of the 6 most popular home concepts based according to your personality!

The Straightforward Minimalist Home
The keyword for a minimalist home concept is “simple.” Even though it’s simple, a minimalist home concept can also be made elegant. Most people liken modern homes as minimalist homes, or vice versa, though these are two different home concepts. 

A minimalist home concept focuses more on compact furniture. Everything in a minimalist home should have sleek and precise details, without any intricate or over the top details. Hence, a minimalist home concept is a great choice if you have limited space. 

Clean and Cozy Scandinavian Home
If you prefer soft colors like wood-accented colors, white, beige, or broken white, then you are more suited to a Scandinavian home concept. Most younger generations have turned to this Scandinavian home concept that creates a clean, aesthetic, and serene look. 

What makes this Scandinavian home concept unique is the freedom to combine modern and traditional style. For example, you can decorate your space with macramé or braided furniture that may seem traditional, but suit perfectly in a Scandinavian home. 

Masculine Modern Home
Why does a modern home concept suit people who exude masculinity? It’s because a modern home concept is dominated by metal, glass, and steel materials that create a strong or linear silhouette. The monochrome colors (black & white) are the most used colors in a modern home concept. 

Furthermore, a modern home concept is identical to a glossy look from the glass reflection. In order to successfully create a modern home, avoid using curvy lines. The roof in a linear shape like a triangle is recommended. Don’t forget to add many windows and openings in your home. 

The Colorful Bohemian Home
For those who consider themselves artsy, love the freedom to be creative, and want to live in a colorful home, you can try this bohemian home concept. One word that crosses your mind as you step inside this bohemian home is “relaxed.”

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, textures, and bold colors for your bohemian home. Make sure that you combine bold colors with neutral colors to create a more balanced look. Don’t forget to accentuate your bohemian home with unique paintings and artworks!

Luxurious Classic Home
Classic home concept is actually categorized into several different types that are similar but each has their own characteristics. Start from a colonial classic concept that is identical with its high pillars, intricate ornaments in its tall window frames, and European style furniture. Then, there’s a classic Italian concept with its fresco paintings, mosaics, and cornice details. 

If you want to bring a luxurious, classic, yet homey feel to your home, you can try the classic American concept that’s dominated by soft colors, wooden furniture, and more subtle details. However, if you prefer a glamorous and extravagant home that resembles a castle, the answer is a classic French concept that uses lavish carvings, wallpapers, and curved silhouettes in its furniture. 

Feminine Shabby Chic Home
Do you ever dream of having a lovely cottage home just like the ones in English countryside?  Now, you can make this dream come true with a shabby chic home concept. This concept combines bohemian, classic, and rustic styles into one harmonious concept that looks very feminine. Choose vintage furniture and decorations in white, cream, or pastel colors. Don’t be shy to add some flower accents around your shabby chic home. 

After reading about these home concepts and their characteristics, which one do you think suits your personality the best? Make this article as your guide when you decide to renovate your home.

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