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6 Business Ideas for Students Who Are Looking For Extra Money

Sep 06, 2021
4 Minutes

As a student, pocket money from parents alone is not necessarily enough to pay for a living. The pocket money is usually used up to cover for boarding fees, the cost of buying books, or other college equipment. Therefore, students often feel stressed because they want to relax but have no money. The solution is to find extra money to add up your allowance. Fortunately, there are many business ideas for students to do with small capital. What sort of business ideas, you ask? Here are six business ideas for students who want to get more money.

The first business idea for college students to try is becoming a vlogger. If you are camera ready, then you can try to make a video and upload it on YouTube. The content of your vlog can vary, ranging from daily life, makeup tips, cooking tips, and so on. You just have to adjust your content to your existing interests and market trends.

To make money from the vlogs you’ve uploaded, there is a feature called Google AdSense that will insert ads into your videos. In addition to these features, there are also other ways such as affiliate marketing. If you already have quite a lot of subscribers on your YouTube channel, then it is possible that you will get offers to collaborate with various brands. You will be asked to promote the product on your next video and you will get paid for it.

Event Organizer
For those who like to plan events or have experience in student organizations, a great business idea for you is to become an event organizer. Since you are still a beginner, you can start by helping events for those around you. For example, during this pandemic, you can try to become an event organizer for webinars or other online events.

Part Timer
As a student, this business idea is probably the simplest one on the list. You don’t need to invest any money and you will get free training from your workplace. In contrast to other business ideas for students, this job is more time-consuming because it has predetermined working hours. Therefore, make sure your schedule for part-time work will not conflict with your classes.

Reseller or Dropshipper
The next business idea for students is to become a reseller or dropshipper. The capital needed to become a reseller is certainly less than if you sell homemade products. What’s more, your profits from becoming a reseller or dropshipper are generated from the margin of the purchase price and the selling price. The margin has been determined by the brand, most of the time. You can also sell products online, so you can do this business anywhere.

Social Media Admin
If your hobby includes scrolling down social media, then you can try becoming a social media admin. Startup companies, SMEs/MSMEs, or online shops on average have official social media accounts and are guaranteed to need manpower to manage their platforms. The advantage of taking this job is you can set up a more flexible work schedule. Important to note, being a social media admin requires skills in writing and ability to think outside the box.

Freelance According to Your Hobby or Major
The last business idea for students is to work as a freelancer, in line with your hobbies and major. Aside from earning extra money, you also have the opportunity to hone your skills, so that you will be better prepared to enter the professional workforce. Also, there are plenty of freelance jobs to choose from.

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