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6 Online Business Ideas during Pandemic, A Chance to Have Passive Income

Apr 26, 2021
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The pandemic doesn’t negate the public’s purchase intention, especially for their day-to-day needs. The key is finding what kinds of items that the public seeks. For some people, the pandemic results in a decreased income. As a solution to this problem, how about opening an online business during the pandemic as a passive income with these 6 business ideas?

Online Bookshop
One trend that arises during this pandemic is reading. It’s true that social restrictions have pushed people to buy books from online stores. This is a chance for you to open up an online business during the pandemic, by selling books on e-commerce or your social media profiles.

Aside from selling newly published books from distributors or publishers, you can also sell good quality used books online. There are many people who wish to buy used books! You can also sell both hardcopy books and e-books. 

Jastip for Every Need
An online business that everybody can try during the pandemic is jastip or personal shopper. Unlike before where jastip is only available for imported goods, jastip in the pandemic era covers all kinds of needs. 

For example, you’re opening jastip for brownies from Bandung or vitamin C supplements with high demands. You can gain profit from the jastip fee which is usually around 10% of the total price of goods. Pretty interesting, right?

Bottled Coffee Milk
Wake up, go to work, then buy a glass of coffee milk from your favorite coffee shop to increase your energy. This routine becomes less frequent due to the pandemic, especially now that most employees are working from home. This limitation results in the innovation of bottled coffee milk, the most in-demand online business during the pandemic. 

By purchasing 1 liter of bottled coffee milk, people can enjoy café au lait at home every morning. Instead of brewing their own coffee, purchasing bottled coffee milk is definitely more practical. If you’re interested, you need to find a good coffee milk recipe and market your bottled coffee milk online. Share the information on how many days this bottled coffee milk can be refrigerated. 

Restaurant Quality Frozen Food
Who says that frozen food only consists of nuggets? Nowadays, people long for a dining experience at a restaurant. Most people have become bored eating the same old food from home. The solution? Buy a restaurant quality frozen food!

You can start this online business during the pandemic now, just cook the menu as usual and keep it in airtight packaging. Next, freeze the food in a freezer so the food will last longer. Buyers will only need to thaw and reheat the frozen food before eating it. 

Sell House Decorations
Working from home every day without going out to find a new atmosphere drives people to boredom. It’s no wonder that redecorating a house becomes one of the most popular weekend activities. Selling house decorations becomes a sought-after online business during the pandemic. 

There are so many items that you can sell, the items can be gathered from distributors or your very own handcrafts. The most common examples are bed sheets, curtains, rugs, scented candles, pretty plates and cups, decorative plants, and paintings. 

Cloth Masks in Various Patterns and Embroidery
It can’t be denied that masks have become the most purchased item all throughout 2020 and 2021. Apart from medical masks, cloth masks are the options that many people choose because these masks are more comfortable and reusable, so it’s a more economical choice. Since a mask covers half of the face, fashion trend now shifts to patterned cloth masks with beautiful embroidery. 

Making a cloth mask is not that hard, especially if you are skilled in sewing and embroidery. You can sell your handmade cloth masks in bundles to increase profit. Promote your cloth masks on social media to increase exposure on this online business during the pandemic. 

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