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4 Design Inspirations for Minimalist Home Office

Oct 17, 2020
3 Minutes

Changing your home office design can be an effective way to increase your mood while working, even more so if the design suits your style and preferences. If you like something simpler, change your home office design with a minimalist touch to make the room look bigger and easier to clean. Creating a minimalist home office is not difficult, here are four ways that you can immediately try.

Plain Interior Base
One of the main characteristics of a minimalist room is minimal use of patterns. If there is any, the pattern is usually based on lines and dots, or shapes like circles, squares, and ovals.

For a more dynamic home office, you can mix several colors in one room. If you want to use a back-to-nature theme, you can choose a white base and complete it with a wooden brown and cobalt green. Don’t forget to add indoor plants like cactus, succulents, or monstera to add a hint of nature. 

More Spacious with All White Design
Another characteristic of a minimalist room is the dominance of white. This is a way to create an illusion of a spacious room. That’s why a minimalist design perfectly complements a small home office. 

Apart from using a white color, you should also re-select the furniture and accessories inside your home office to make it even more spacious and roomy. Throw out all the stuff you no longer need. Let the room only be filled with necessary furniture and items like a work desk and chair, computer or laptop, printer, paper, book, stationery, and other work appliances.

To create a more dynamic look, choose a high contrast furniture color. You can choose wooden furniture with a natural soft wood color or black. Combining an all white room with pastel colors can also make the room look more soft and feminine.

Take Advantage of Windows and Outdoor Views
If your home office has a large window with a beautiful view, don’t waste it. Move your desk so it faces this large window. The beautiful and fresh scenery will immediately make your work atmosphere less monotonous and boring. Moreover, you will no longer feel trapped inside a room for the whole day.

The room design with a large window can be tricked with plain and bright colored curtains. The combination of bright colored curtains and the sunshine will present a warm ambiance inside your home office. 

Make sure that there’s a gap between the window and your desk, so your work appliances like laptop, lamp, or printer on the desk won’t directly hit with the sunshine, especially when you are working with an open window.

Built in Home Office
One more room design that complements a narrow space is the built in concept. The built in room concept is a design where the furniture merges with the wall or other furniture inside the room. However, if you want to implement this home office design, you must renovate most of your home office to completely finish the built in work furniture installation.

A built in home office uses foldable furniture that takes less space. For example, the desk and chair can be folded into the wall after you’re done working, so the room will get larger. There is also a cupboard with space to place the printer, where you can pull out the printer whenever needed, and push it back in once you’re done.

All four of these design inspirations can be applied to your home office condition and needs. Every item that you need to create your dream home office can be found at many online marketplaces. Use PermataKartuKredit to get many benefits, such as discounts and 0% installments. You can easily track your credit card bills via PermataMobile X.

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