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4 Profitable Business Ideas for Office Employees

Dec 18, 2023
4 Minutes

According to a recent survey from Katadata, most of the younger generation prefers to be entrepreneurs or run their businesses rather than work in an office. It's not surprising because having your own business can be an opportunity to earn additional income and develop your passion!

Are you also one of them but still haven't found the right time to switch careers? Don't worry, you can run a side hustle to complement your main job, starting by looking for a profitable business idea first!

4 Profitable Side Business Ideas for Employees
When choosing a profitable business idea, it's a good idea to consider its long-term potential and suitability for your interests. To find it, you just have to look at this list and choose the one that suits you best!

Reseller and Dropship Business
Do you intend to open an online shop without a warehouse to store your merchandise? You can choose to become a reseller or drop-shipper. By joining the reseller program, you only need to resell goods from partners according to the agreed price conditions, and you can enjoy the profits from sales and commissions!

Even simpler, you can open a dropship business that doesn't even need a warehouse. You only need to buy and send your product after receiving an order from a customer.

Electronic Equipment Rental
Do you have a camera, a portable sound system, or even a drone that's sitting idle because you don't have time to use it in the middle of busy work? These objects can be a source of additional income for you. You can rent this device to people holding various events, from art performances to weddings.

They can document their special day more easily, and you can also earn extra money from items you rarely use. Profit!

Become an Online Freelancer
Getting paid to do a hobby, it's not impossible at all. Your hobbies and passions can become profitable business ideas if you become a freelancer online. For example, if you like designing illustrations or logos, becoming a freelance designer is a rational choice.

Then, if you like to deal with the process of creating content, you can consider a side business in the form of writing or translation services. Starting a side business for employees is not too complicated. You can join an online platform for freelancers or even simply market your services on social media with a personal portfolio.

Personal Shopper Business
If you often travel out of town or abroad and know where to look for rare items people are interested in, this will become a profitable business idea. To do this, you can start a personal shopper business. Just like being a drop shipper, you don't need to own a warehouse or stock of goods because you will only work after a request comes in from a customer.

Important Tips for Starting a Successful Side Business
So, how do you ensure your side business thrives and generates profits? The key is thorough preparation before doing business. In addition to ensuring that your business idea is profitable and aligns with your skills and interests, you also need to ensure that it meets a significant demand and does not conflict with any policies at work.

If this part has been fulfilled, you can move on to the next step: creating a business plan for operations and marketing. You must also be disciplined in allocating 10% to 25% of your monthly salary as initial business capital. Is your salary insufficient to start a side business from your main job? At times like this, PermataKTA from PermataBank can help you!

PermataKTA offers unsecured credit with cash funds of up to IDR 300 million, which can be disbursed in 10 minutes! Competitive interest starts at 0.88% flat per month, equivalent to the effective interest rate. More practically, you don't need to come to a PermataBank branch office to apply because the application process is online via the PermataMobile X application! So, your dream business idea can immediately become a reality.

Starting a side business for employees while working in an office is not impossible. You can make it happen with a profitable business idea and thorough preparation! Your business may continue to grow.

To provide sufficient initial capital for your business, you can supplement your salary savings with cash of up to IDR 300 million from PermataKTA. Apply for PermataKTA and make your business idea come true now!

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