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PermataME iB

A Savings account that gives you unlimited freedom for transaction


Up-to-date saving program that gives you cashback, easy transaction at merchants with GPN or VISA logo, and free of transaction and administration fee.

What are the Benefits

Contract & Nisbah

Contract & Nisbah

Using Mudharabah Al Mutlaqah Contract. Revenue Sharing Nisbah Customer 1% and Bank 99%.

Initial Deposit and Minimum Balance

Initial Deposit and Minimum Balance

IDR 0 initial deposit and minimum balance.

Monthly Administration Fee

Monthly Administration Fee

Free monthly administration fee without conditions.

Navigator Service

Navigator Service

Customers can use the Navigator service as a tool to monitor the account. Navigator service to deliver account mutation information for a nominal transaction of minimum IDR 1,000,000, online and real time through the registered mobile number.

What are the Costs?

Transfer Fees to Other Banks via PermataMobile X

Monthly Administration Fee

Closing account Fee

Card Change Fee

Cash Withdrawal Fees at Other Banks ATMs

Transfer Fees to Other Banks via Permata ATM and PermataNet

Dormant Fee

Stamp of Duty Fee

Balance Checking Fee at Other Bank ATMs

SMS Navigator Service Fee

Current Account Delivery Fee

Free of charge (free transfer fee without minimum balance before transaction and the number of transfer activities per month is not limited)



IDR 25,000

Free cash withdrawal fee at ATMs of ALTO, ATM Bersama, PRIMA and VISA or Plus networks a maximum of 30 times per month with a minimum balance before transaction of IDR 1,000,000

BI Fast: IDR 2,500<br/>Online: IDR 7,500<br/>SKN/LLG: IDR 2,900<br/>RTGS: IDR 25,000

(Account that has no transaction activity for 365 consecutive days) IDR 10,000 per month

IDR 10,000 (if any)

IDR 4,000

IDR 12,000

IDR 15,000 per Customer (if any)

What are the Requirements?

Identification card (Resident ID Card).

Identification card (Resident ID Card).

Fill out account opening form and documents.

Fill out account opening form and documents.

Report and Other Information

Information Adjustment of PermataME iB Features

General Terms and Conditions

General version of Product and Service Information Summary

Specific Terms and Conditions

Personal version of Product and Service Information Summary

Information on Product Change into PermataME iB

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Transaction Limits and Fees Information

Sharia Principles and Revenue Sharing

Any Question?

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